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Favourite Friday: August 12 Edition

August 12, 2011

Ally: Perhaps by the time you are reading this, L-A and I will have our faces against the glass of Sephora’s new Halifax location at Hfx Shopping Centre. That’s right, ya’ll. We’re attending the official Grand Opening. Can you feel the heat off my debit card? My savings account will. Obviously there will be an update on our purchases next week. Keep an eye on our Twitter account as there may be some live-tweeting of the opening if we don’t pass out from makeup joy.

Another fave this week is the new BB Dakota blazer I purchased today from BTR. Are you a member of Beyond the Rack? If you’re not, feel free to use my promo code to become a member and contribute to the Ally Loves New Clothes Real Good fund. You won’t regret it. Nor will I.

So, the blazer. It is this.

It's a little horse riding-ish paired with military bitch. Ooh! I rhymed! Like Eminem!


A self-absorbed favourite was my hair today (Thursday). I actually managed my waves. This happens once a year, and when it does it’s like Christmas. For real. It’s like Santa came down the chimney and blessed my frizz. I didn’t take a photo cause the circles under my eyes would detract from the amazeballs of my hair, but trust that it looked sort of like this:

I had this hair! Minus the supermodel face and body.

I can’t wait till Awesome Hair Day 2012!

Crappy Pop Video of the Week. I decided to treat L-A this week. After all, she looked after the blog for two weeks while I was on vacation. Here’s one of my favourite songs performed by Joan Osborne with the Funk Brothers. It kills me. Every.Single.Time. Will L-A like it? I await the golf claps.

L-A: No golf claps from me. I won’t call it crappy, but I won’t call it good either. And not just because I feel like being bitchy. But I still have Joan Osborne issues. I mean, I’m totally jealous of her hair, but I do not love the lingering aftertaste of One of Us. Okay. Let’s move on to my favourites.

1. The Gosling.

First and foremost for me this week is Pretend Boyfriend Numero Uno.

You know what that sound is? That's the sound of the interwebs swooning.

Carrying a baby. That’s right. Your ovaries swooned just a little bit. Even if you don’t have ovaries, I bet you wanted to make babies with him. I mean, I don’t even know if I want babies and I sure thought about it just then. And even Ally, who still claims he’s a hipster, was turned on a bit. Although, it might have something to do with the Gosling being dressed like Eminem. I just looked past that bit. I also looked past the slightly Breaker High hair.

2. Speaking of Breaker High…

Oh yes, I totally found Breaker High on YouTube. You can skip ahead to 8:31 if you want to see hints of the dude who’ll make you get all swoony in The Notebook (because it still wasn’t over for him. I mean fuck lady, he wrote you every day for a year).  You can also start at the beginning of episode 30 (“He Shoots, He Scores”), where the gang goes to PEI and encounters ice hockey, Anne of Green Gables and Canadians who talk right funny, eh.

If you need more Breaker High in your life (and let’s face it, you probably do), you need to head on over to the cornucopia of awesomeness that is This Needs to Stop. They interview the dude who plays Max Ballard. In case you don’t remember him, Wikipedia describes his character as “the rebel and son of the ship’s captain.” And yes, I just quoted Wikipedia. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen that interview before last night. But then again, I also didn’t know about the Romy and Michele prequel starring Katherine Heigl before last night.

3. We were SNAP’ed.

Which means your photo might be there too. Which most people really dig. Except me. I hate having my photo taken. I turn into Incredibly Awkward Girl the moment the camera is turned on.

Also, whenever I mention SNAP, I really want to make a clever “oh snap” joke, except it’s one of those thing I can never say without sounding like a putz and so definitely can’t make it sound remotely clever. It’s up there with “you go girl”, which thankfully, is no longer a thing, so I never have to wish I could say it ever again.

4. Ally’s back from vacation.

I mean, I wanted her to enjoy her time off and get all rested and shit, but you have no idea how much I missed her emails. Because seriously, you know you want this in your inbox:

Also, I hate you for sending me the Eminem video. I lost two hours googling Eminem after you sent me that. And I enjoyed it. A lot. Oh my fuck he is my trailor park ice cream treat on a hot summer’s day.

She really is the wind beneath my wings.

5. Jill

Because she let me write a guest post so I could get my cheesy TV show out of my system. (I didn’t, but you don’t have to listen to me anymore).

6. My video of the week:

Actually, Otis was my jam this week. But No Diggity came into the top five jams of the week. Up there with Sleazy and Rollin with my Homies (which, holy crap! someone I follow on Twitter did that with Jeremy Sisto/Elton. Serious Pretend Boyfriend Jealousy).

p.s. on a housekeeping note – the site might go a bit funny this weekend as we move to self-hosting. Probably not, but if you read us on a feed reader and shit goes crazy with 500 unread posts, that’d be way.


A Label for the Favourite List: Free People

August 10, 2011

Ally: Well, I’m back from vacation. Oddly quite exhausted rather than rested. This is due to tons of fun packed days with a toddler who doesn’t look too highly upon mommy reading her Vogue alone in the sun. I did find some time to catch up on important reading and to visit my favourite used clothing outlet. Yes, that’s right. I hit up Frenchy’s. When I’m not so lazy, I’ll take some photos of my finds. It wasn’t the huge event it was last year. Meaning I didn’t stock up on Ann Taylor skirts. Instead I pulled a fabulous Kenny Rogers tour baseball jersey (it’s amazing, trust) and a gorgeous ruffled skirt from Free People.  It looks sort of like this (again, too lazy to take a photo right now).


A quick google shirt showed me that Taylor Swift also enjoys Free People garb.


It’s a label that appears to mix country and bo-ho. So basically, I’m in love.


Quick! Someone pass L-A the barf bucket. For real though, L-A and I will never have to worry about stealing each other’s clothes. I love her look, but nautical doesn’t (pun alert!) float my boat. Similarly, looking like a drunk cowgirl is probably not that appealing to her.

For real though, isn’t this darling?


Moving on to the Teen Choice Awards (so ridiculous, but I watch Big Brother so of course I’m interested). I need to find time to write a blog post about Selena Gomez, to be filed under “Celebrities we Irrationally Hate”.

Listen. I know she’s a kid. But she’s a kid trying hard to be all growed up. YOU CANNOT BE ALL GROWED UP AND DATE THE BIEBER.

With that said. I like the hook of that song. L-A, pass your barf bucket.

L-A: I love you like a love song?


And does the rest of the chorus go, “beep beep beep”? Or am I just having a stroke? I can’t be bothered to listen again to figure it out.

However, I would like to put money on the number of girls who wanted to hunt Gomez down after seeing this clip:

Aw yeah. Biebs loves you like a lame simile.

Anyway, moving on from Gomez (we do need to discuss her another day) and onto Free  People. Depending on the season,  I actually do like the label quite a bit. I mean, they were selling these super sweet Bass saddle shoes for awhile (now only in black and not my size. fooey):

the pretty is killing me softly

(School got in the way of me owning saddle shoes…maybe this will be the fall I get me some saddle shoes).

This season however, it’s a little too Laura Ingalls Wilder on a bender in Haight Ashbury for my liking, so I’ll stick to my nautical stripes for now.

p.s. yay! Ally is back!

I shouldn’t be allowed to shop alone: Mel’s vest

August 8, 2011

L-A: I’ma going to go ahead and promote Mel to the role of unpaid staff at FPQT. Between writing our 500th post and occasionally writing for us after receiving panicky emails like “Mel! We can’t post! Please write!”, she’s totally earned this unpaid position. Mel – you can go ahead and add it to your resumé

Mel: Unless you’re very strict and disciplined in your wardrobe, I’m willing to bet there are more than a few articles of clothing in your collection you just never wear.

File these under the “what was I thinking” or “I should never be allowed to shop alone”  category.

I will admit, I seem to have a penchant for these articles of clothing more than the average person.

I constantly buy shit that I try on, know very well I’ll never wear and have a moment of temporary insanity and think “oh no, I’ll totally wear this *insert random article of clothing*. Yeah, totally. I can branch out and stuff. It will shake up my wardrobe for sure!”

Yeah right.

My most recent acquisition of “WTF was I thinking” is a black cotton flowy vest not unlike the following:

Cute outfit right? (And my vest is very similar, except black.)

Right. But totally not something I would ever wear in a million years.

This vest was on the cheaper side of my fashion missteps as it was purchased at Tag (which, sidenote, had great stuff! I got a black cotton dress that I will definitely wear for $20!) But still. What a waste of $25. You know how much wine I could have bought? Or that money could have been spent on a less useless article of clothing, one that I would actually wear.

And yet, this vest hangs in my closet. Where it will continue to hang until in a moment of clarity/frustration, I put it in the “to donate” bag.

It’s not that it’s not nice, it’s just not me. I think it makes me look ridiculous. This is a sentiment I fully admit exists solely in my head most likely. But still it’s just not my style.

Even as I was taking said vest to the cash register to purchase, the Voice of Reason inside my head was screaming “PUT IT BACK. THAT’S NEARLY A BOX OF WINE!” I handed over my debit card and walked away with this stupid vest.

Shake up my wardrobe my ass…..

In other news, I have a new, never worn black vest that I  would be down for swapping for something a little more my style……..


L-A: Should you have such a piece that you never wear and want to put out into the world as a reason you shouldn’t shop alone, please email us with pictures of said item. Then you and Mel can talk swapping. Meanwhile, I’m going to go look through my closet because I know I have such an item. Or two.

Favourite Friday: the August 5th edition – the (sort of) West Coast themed edition

August 5, 2011

L-A: I haven’t really been around all week. I sort of took the made up holiday (seriously? Civic holiday? Natal Day? Just give me Groundhog Day off and call it a deal) to be a reason to take most of the week off. I was busy at work, so it was nice to take a week break. Which brings me to my favourites:

1. the hilarious post from our West Coast Bureau.

I don’t see why our own posts can’t be favourites. I mean, really. Anthony totally made me laugh this week and that was awesome.

2. You Want Me to Wear What

One of my favourite blogs, also coming from the west coast, in which Amanda finds the most questionable things in fashion and hands them to you on a silver platter. Because without Amanda, you might never know that raves are still a thing and that a Steve Buscemi dress exists.

I know. And not even Boardwalk Empire Buscemi, but 5 o’clock shadow sleepy Buscemi. I don’t even know why this dress happened.

3. Zooey D + Jean-Ralphio (aka. Ben Schwartz):

I know Jill and I say it over and over again, but clearly, we were meant to be BFF with Zooey D. Before it was all about cuteness and dresses and lemonade and awesomeness. Now the adorableness was just taken up about seventeen levels with the addition of a ukulele and Jean-Ralphio. Now we really need to be her BFF. Like, it’s imperative. Or something.

4. Still obsessing over that show The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

You guys, I can’t even explain. It’s not just the swoony Pretend Boyfriend anymore. No, I am officially hooked on what is the cheesiest plot line since a cheerleader arrived to the town built on Hellmouth and started her destiny as a vampire slayer. So obsessed that I just had to write it out as a guest post for Jill (which is coming as soon as I take some screen shots for her). Perhaps a reason for us to visit the west coast?

5. This song may be the best song to do an invoice to.

Honestly, I could (and do) listen to this on repeat. My co-workers should be glad I have headphones. (speaking of which, I think I need new headphones. Thoughts on the giant headphones? Too much? I think I need them back in my life).

Also, Ally isn’t here and I can’t think of a crappy pop song. Unless we actually listen to Ke$ha.

It’s just not as good.

6. Sephora

It’s happening Halifax kids. Friday, August 12 at 9:30 a.m. We will be there. Plan your vacation days accordingly.

OMG WTF: Fur? (but seriously, let’s embrace the 70s)

August 3, 2011

Since Ally is on vacation and I’m still a bit tired from mine/I spent the evening watching Ryan not-a-hipster Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love, we’re going to have a report from our West Coast Bureau (aka. unpaid staffer Anthony). (p.s. to the girl who very audibly appreciated The Gosling’s abs – you are awesome! You added to the movie going experience. Seriously. Golf claps).

Anthony: So, in case y’all hadn’t noticed – fur is back.

Do the Hustle! Right after you club that fox to death...

Now, before you start throwing red paint at your computers (which is a futile exercise on and off line), let me clarify by saying that I’m not exactly jazzed about this trend resurgence.

Personal reasons aside, who can actually pull off a fur look?

Is this guy still a person these days?

Of course, ain’t no one as fabulous as Ms. Ross.

She doesn't need to work, because she doesn't stop WERKIN.

It would seem that since the latest Mad Men season has been delayed until March (MegaSad-A-Tron), we’re latching onto the Seventies like Leighton Meester’s mother to her daughter’s paycheques. Too soon? I will admit that I love a lot about the 1970s aesthetic. The decade is campy enough to satisfy my gay tendencies but had points of supreme style to appease my designer snob that bubbles so close to the surface. Be warned, if you ask me what I think about a photo, design, what have you, I will retaliate with genuine enthusiasm or passive aggression on an oppressive scale. I’m sorry, I’m a repressed gay Catholic, I don’t do confrontation.

So yeah, the fur thing… I suppose it’s an interesting fad to bring back but frankly, I’d love to see more work done with a true staple of 70s Style. You know what I’m talking about: the jumpsuit.

Let us reclaim the jumpsuit from the Hipster Hoards.

Oh sure, there’s always been a appreciation for the jumpsuit in that “what a fun costume!” sense, but I’d like to see it brought back into everyday leisure wear. I mean, if we’re going to go 70s, we might as well suck it up and go all the way, right?

So for all of you interested in unlocking your most groovy wardrobe potential, I offer these tips. As a disclaimer, the only real training I have in 1970s style is a pair of gold spandex short-shorts and listening to Diana Ross’ album “Diana” on repeat for 3 months.

#1 The 3-Piece for Gents: who want to dress up to get down

FPQT does NOT endorse said fashionable men to indulge in copious amounts of cocaine.

#2 The Shag hairstyle and baseball t-shirt: to keep it casual while maintaining your grooviness.

K-Stew and The Fanning in "The Runaways". At least I didn't pay money to see this one.

#3 Rainbow accents:because why the hell not? (the 70s were one seriously drug fueled decade).

Let's not forget that THIS is why he's famous.

You know, even if you disagree with my suggestions, I can give you one solid piece of advice…

just try not to look like this guy:

Second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning, Wendy!

Oh Leo. Honey. No.

August 3, 2011

L-A: Well, I got a distraught email from vacationland this evening.

Leo and Blake are biking now??!! Why are they hurting my vacation??!! Sadly I actually like her outfit. I hate her.

Yes folks, this happened:

Smrtphones are only good when they bring you good news. Like news of glitter mini ponies. Or stream videos of Ryan Gosling. Not so good when they ruin your vacation with videos like this.

Anyway, she asked that I poll y’all for your thoughts on this.

On another note: that People magazine article where I found out about this said he’s about to go shoot the Great Gatsby in Australia. Why the hell are they shooting in Australia?!? Nothing against the country/continent that is Australia. It seems quite lovely and has produced some lovely people. It just seems like an expensive way to recreate Long Island in the 1920s. Why no love for Long Island?

p.s. I’m pretty excited for the Great Gatsby. Expect many a roaring 20s themed post when that jazz happens.

Favourite Friday – the July 29 edition: also, the Arcade Fire edition

July 29, 2011

L-A: I’m going to keep this a bit short, but that’s because this week’s favourite thing:

a really crappy photo, but hot damn it was a good show


Arcade Fire!! YESSS!

Concert review: an awesomesauce, amazeballs cornucopia of awesomeness.

The highlight reel of the fashion:

– plaid! So. Much. Plaid.
– at least one pair of suspenders.
– about one newsboy cap per every 10 people
– two friends, both in cute boots, cute shorts, and pantyhose all ripped to hell. I can’t figure out if this is a coincidence.
– Ladies of Arcade Fire: adorable! The glitter dress was probably my favourite.

I do want to address one thing with the band. And that is Win Butler’s style.

I get it Win Butler. You’re an artist. In fact, you’re kind of a genius. I actually had moments where I was verklempt by the music. (word to the wise: don’t think about sad things when these folks are making music. Especially live. Because then you’ll be the girl who is all choked up and teary eyed in the middle of a concert).

But I don’t get your shirts Win Butler. And I fear that you’re only encouraging a generation of hipsters to think your shirts are okay. And whilst you are a rock star and can pretty much do whatever you please, someone is going to copy your style and end up looking like this:

Or worse still. Like this:

Is that what you want Win Butler? Really? Is it? Because that’s what your shirt looks like. Buttoned up and 1993 all over again. (My apologies to these good folks of the Class of 1993 at a high school I’ve never heard of. It’s not your fault. We’ve all been there before. Clearly you were a victim of your time).

Please Win Butler. For the love of Anna Wintour, choose a different style. You influence people. So choose wisely. I’ll even accept loads of plaid with suspenders.

A final note on the concert: as awesome as it was, I’d still like to see an Emily Post’s Guide to Rock Shows. Like, lessons could include: if you’ve put in serious beer tent time, don’t push your fellow concert goers around until you’re in the middle of the crowd and then start taking photos of yourself. You can take photos of yourself in the beer tent. Also: Don’t talk during the songs. In this case, The Suburbs was so not the time to chat. Songs are not chittychatty time. Which is why I had to tell you to shut up (y’all were the first to annoy me enough to say something about it, so that’s an honour in itself. Congrats!). And no, I don’t care that you were trying to help your buddy out. Because he was Mr. Flailing McDouchepants for standing like a wall in front of me and knocking me about while he tried to flail to the music and stay close to the girl. Can’t say I didn’t feel a little bit pleased to see she ditched y’all during the encore. She probably needed to go take another picture of herself.

Since Ally isn’t here to make fun of me for my “hipster” music, I’ll add this on her behalf:

And with Ally on vacation, I’m usually hard pressed to get a crap video worthy of her. But thank heavens for Intern Glynn and the videos she sends me! (seriously, they should have listed her as one of the job benefits. Right up there with a dental plan).

Honestly, I’d never even heard of that song before last week. Probably not entirely surprising considering my usual taste in videos. I actually find it hilarious. I think there’s a message in there somewhere. But I was too busy laughing at some of the lyrics/focused on how much the outfits looked like they were straight out of Save the Last Dance.

Final favourite thing: long weekend! That’s right! It’s random August long weekend. We call it Natal Day. Other folks call it Civic Holiday (which is probably the best name for a holiday – you’re calling it like it is. A day off work for no other reason than it’s the middle of summer). But potato, potahto: it’s a day off work. And I’ll be off in PEI to meet my new nephew and Ally should be off cottaging and spooning a box of wine, so the likelihood you’ll hear from us on Monday is slim. We apologize to those of you who don’t have Monday off (like the good folks of PEI) and were planning on reading us at work on Monday morning.