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The Gaga Files

We are continually BAFFLED by the number of hits this blog gets because of Lady Gaga. For some reason, a search engine somewhere knows about us and directs Lady Gaga searchers to us.  This confuses and delights us.

So, if that’s why you’re here, we’ll make it easy for you Here are our two posts devoted to Gaga:

What’s a Disco Stick?

An Open Letter to Lady Gaga

She gets a casual mention on a regular basis, not to stir up readers, but because we are continually amazed by her…um…sense of style.  Those posts are the two where we focus on her and only her.

And here is a summary of what we think/have learned since our first post on her ladyship:

10 8 Things We Sort of Know about Lady Gaga

  1. a lot of people search for Lady Gaga on a daily basis. Like thousands.
  2. It is quite likely that she is actually some kind of musical genius. Either that or has a very good publicist who will have you believe she is. We are open to both possibilities.
  3. She is a performance artist and her performance art does not include pants. As it is a performance, we can sort of get behind that (in the same way that L-A supports Bjork’s swan dress) and somewhat grudgingly overlook her consistent lack of pants.
  4. A disco stick may be a euphemism, but we’re told it’s all about an actual stick/cane she uses in performances. Either way, rides are taken on it.
  5. Ally kind of digs Gaga’s music, even if she’s a bit baffled by the lack of pants and the crazycakes outfits. L-A is apparently too old & uncool to really love the music. She listens to public radio. A lot.  Just because it’s not her thing, doesn’t mean she holds it against you if you like it. She has her own questionable music choices on her iPod, which is why she tries really hard not to judge other folks’ music.
  6. flaming boobs? so crazy that we support them. [see number three]
  7. We are actually kind of on the “old” side when it comes to pop/dance music.  We’re both past 30, so if we appear to Not Get Gaga, this is why.
  8. She looks an awful lot like Intern Eden. We will make the most of this with a Dress Like Gaga Throw Down.
  9. I couldn’t come up with ten. If Ally thinks of two more, we’ll update this page.

Having said all of this, we hope you stick around for our non-Gaga posts.

xoxo. L-A & Ally

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