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I said it, I did it: Marc by Marc Jacobs

February 3, 2015

L-A: If you’re a long time reader of us, then you’ll remember the Marc Jacobs Incident of a few years ago and my non-stop whining about it. If you’re new, then here’s the story in a nutshell: I found a dark green Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag for maybe $200. I had $200 to blow on whatever I wanted (this is why I do craft shows). I let myself get talked out of the bag, bought Kate Spade, got buyers remorse and brought it back in hopes of remedying the situation. But alas! Someone else had the Marc Jacobs bag and I was filled with regrets. Regrets over a leather bag that have lasted far too long.

I’ve since bought myself quality bags (like a solid non-Coach-y Coach black leather and a Longchamps nylon bag) and really, as much as I love a good purse, I don’t need any more of them. But still, I dreamed of that bag. And whenever I hit the outlets with cash in my pocket, I looked to see if I could find one like it. I knew my collection just wouldn’t be complete until I filled the void left by that bag.

And you know what? Bitches, I did it.

My photography skills haven't improved, but my shopping has.

My photography skills haven’t improved during our hiatus, but my shopping has.


Meet my very own Marc by Marc Jacobs Q Hillier Hobo. We’re a little bit in love with each other right now.

Because I’m a lazy photographer, here’s what the bag looks like when it’s in black and has a professional taking a photo of it:

MarcbyMJ - Classic Q Hillier Hobo



She’s a beaut, non?

I believe the colour I chose was cardamom, but I’m going to call it “Marsala-adjacent” so it seems like I’m up on the whole colour of the year thing. There was much debating in-store over whether I wanted black or a colour. There were super cute colours (which were on super sale), but let’s face it, I’d grow tired of a turquoise bag (you see, I was being really sensible about this decision). Since I already have a black leather bag, a classic deep colour makes sense. And the more I look at/wear this purse, the more I love the colour I did pick.  I was also smart and remembered that I need a purse that can go crossbody. Carrying a purse on my arm isn’t my jam and it’s only going to get worse on that front (again, I was uncharacteristically sensible). And god bless the expansion of the Cabazon outlets to include a Marc by Marc Jacobs store, because it only cost me about $200. All those hours of embroidering Heritage Minutes paid off.

And with that, the Shopping Gods have been appeased. I’m no longer filled with regret and the Marc Jacobs Incident is merely a footnote in my shopping history. Also, I can stop buying purses. At least until I can afford something ridiculous like a Mulberry bag, but that’s a purchase I can wait for.

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