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Friday Favourites – the March 7th Edition

March 7, 2014

L-A: Maybe we can call it “thank eff its March already edition.” Sheesh. Long winter and I am not coping. But we discussed that last weekend (along with my early swoons for Almonzo), so let’s get to it:

1. Oscars. Obvs.



So, there were some trends. Sparkly, sheerish dresses were a thing. Cate did it best. Amy Adams and J.Law clearly chatted in advance and wore my school colours (kidding. Not about them being my school colours, but about them deciding to coordinate for Acadia’s homecoming). But I did feel some shades of same in the shape. Charlize was just there to show everyone she’s mothereffing fantastic. Lupita’s dress was delightful, although nothing lives up to the Golden Globes Cape of Glory. And you know what? I think I’m the only person who didn’t love the headband. Not a fan.

And now for the battle of the “baby bump”, in which we end all sentences about fancy maternity fashion with, “but her best accessory is that adorable baby bump.” (God. Can we just not. They’re pregnant. Not accessorizing). Kerry Washington won the last round for me and has an unfair advantage as I irrationally hate Olivia Wilde. But.


While I’m uncertain about the mock turtleneck, Olivia Wilde killed it with this dress and the pop of white in the back. Kerry Washington’s stylist is drinking heavily again, because while from the neck up she looks amazing, but from the neck down she looks like she’s wrapped in very fancy satin sheets. It’s like her stylist was five G&Ts into the day and said, “You know what? Fuck it. The colour of your sheets would look great on you. Let’s just wrap them around you and add a sparkly pin”. Pro-tip: if your stylist ever says this, you should ignore her.

It was a pretty uneventful evening for Oscars. E! apparently pissed the Academy off and didn’t have room for the giant 360 camera. In fact, we got better mani-cam shots than we did of actual dresses from E! and then we spent a full half hour with them sitting around looking at pictures. Which is like me googling “oscars red carpet” while hanging out with all the people I hate. Speaking of people I hate at the Oscars:



Let’s end the tyranny of “OHMYGODILOVEITKELLYOHMYGODROSSOHMYGODLOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT” and replace it with Johnny and Tara forever. Kthxbai.

2. My non-Oscar favourite of the week.

If we had a book club, I’d make us all read these three books because they’ve given me so many feelings lately.


Eleanor & Park is good and everyone loves it to pieces, but it’s my least favourite of the three. Fangirl was off the hook (feelings of being an awkward, introvert in your first year + swoons). And Attachments was so good that I actually read a non-YA book for a change and frigging devoured it (it’s 1999 and a guy has to read all the staff emails. Then he falls in love with one of the emailers. But he doesn’t know who she is. Plus more feelings). Rainbow Rowell is now officially my homegirl.

3. These shoes. You guys. These shoes.

I have a major heart on for Orla Kiely and her patterns. I even drove to another town to hit up Target to get the Method soap bottles with her patterns on them. So getting a press release about these beauts in my inbox?


Well, I think this sums up my feelings.

easy A


Now, if you’ll excuse, I’m going to head over to to do some damage to my credit card and start dreaming about the days when winter’s cold, hard reign comes to and end and I can start wearing cute shoes again.

4. Less than a week until my heart explodes with joy. 

I never thought this day would come.

And they brought back her season three bag. I wanted a bag like that so bad. And can we all agree that it’s “Team Logan” forever and that “Team Piz” isn’t even a thing and don’t even try to pretend that it is.

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