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This is the part of the website where we discuss copyright and other legal stuffs.

We really should be more familiar with copyright and fair useage, but this stuff is pretty thick and we’re not lawyers.  Having said that, this blog is intended for fun and not for profit. We’re two friends writing about things we enjoy, for our own amusement. Should you find that we are using your copyrighted image when we shouldn’t be, please contact us ASAP. We will gladly attribute or take the offending photo down.  Any copyright infringement is accidental and we are happy to comply with copyright laws (when we know what they are).

We’d also like to point out that the written content on this page is all us.  It is bad karma to use it as your own. Seriously, writing a blog isn’t that hard (maybe time consuming, but not difficult). Just throw your own words down and hit post. Link to us please, but do not steal from us. You do not want to make  Ally cry.

If you think we’re doing something that would be bad for our karma or legal records, please contact us at fashionablepeople [at] gmail [dot] com.  If you know of someone somewhere who is using our content without giving credit where is due, then contact us about that as well. Although, we feel it is unlikely anyone wants to steal our stuff…the idea is just too ridiculous.


L-A & Ally

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