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Pursebox: How I finally became a “purse” person

September 21, 2014

Ally: For years I struggled to understand why people cared so much about purses. The appeal was lost on me.

As a communications consultant, I usually just shoved my wallet and makeup into my laptop bag and called it a day. I don’t know what changed, maybe being in my mid-thirties or maybe when my husband told me that I needed to “dress more age appropriate”, but I suddenly found myself noticing people’s bags, and realized I was sorely lacking in the department.

I had a few bags that I’ve picked up over the years at thrift stores, and I’ve even gone so far as to “look” at bags when out shopping, but I didn’t really know what I was looking for and felt totally out of my league.

We get tons of emails asking us to review products, or offers to write a “guest blog” on our site. Typically we pass, as we don’t really want to be in the review business, nor do we want our site to be used for sales pitches. Every now and then however, we get an actually credible, well-written, thoughtful pitch and request to review an item. When these rare gems come through our email door, L-a and I basically decide who is going to get the product through the “who reads the email first” process. A while back L-a responded to the O.P.I. new neon line promotion.

So, I took a lot of joy in reading the email from Pursebox before L-a had the chance.


So, a little about They currently stock Pursebox and Australia’s Status Anxiety brands, but are planning to expand shortly. You can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter to keep track of this expansion. The company noticed that there was a gap in the Canadian accessories market, and that many were ordering from the States and then paying a ridiculous shipping fee. That’s where they stepped in – to offer affordable, attractive and high-quality bags.

I was sent the Charmed Shoulder Purse in black, which I was told was one of their top sellers. After receiving it, I can see why it’s so popular.

Beyond excited to receive this in the mail!

Beyond excited to receive this in the mail!

The bag is the perfect match go-to, everyday bag, which is really what I need with my lifestyle these days. I need a bag that I can keep on the kitchen mantle, and grab as I run out the door knowing that it will go with absolutely EVERYTHING.


It was a home-office day that day that I received this, so I decided you would probably not want photos of this paired with my runners leggings. Door knob it is.

Now, it does come with a longer, across-the-shoulder, strap, but the shoulder strap actually works very well. More chic if you will.

003I loved this embelishment on the front, which is funny because as soon as my husband came home (and was actually impressed that I had a grown-up purse). He wondered why I had gotten a bag with decorative nunchucks. He didn’t say this as a bad thing, just all curious-like.

I can say with full confidence that this is not my last encounter with I’m already eyeing the London Satchel in watermelon (WATERMELON YOU GUYS!)…




I also think the Berlin Moto bag would be the fix I need for carrying around a stack of files and my small laptop to client offices.


Should be a travelling consultant standard, I think.

Should be a travelling consultant standard, I think.

I was thrilled to be able to review this purse, and even more excited to learn of’s existence! It’s something I know many of our readers would like to know about, and it’s something my husband will be sure to enjoy reading about on future credit card bills.



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