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FPQT Big Day Downtown 2014

September 15, 2014

Ally: We’ve been super fortunate to be a part of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s “Big Day Downtown” since it’s inception. Need proof?

I never get tired of watching that video. Oh, how I’ve aged.

This year’s twist was that readers had to pick where we would spend our $150 gift card. We love our readers, and for the most part, they really know us. However one dear soul suggested that we should partake in craft beer drinking…


I’m ignoring all suggestions of craft beer, because, please. No. It will be wine or the hard stuff. – L-a Steelworthy, Big Day Downtown email planning session, August, 2014

Since the two of us hadn’t gotten together in a while, we were hoping for a suggestion of dinner, and bonus points a suggestion for Sushi. We got it! Corinne, a lovely reader, suggested we hit up Dharma Sushi, which is hands-down my favourite sushi spot in Halifax.


Ally: Sadly, Dharma Sushi was closed for a private party. Who books an entire restaurant? Selfish jerks. That’s who. We were now totally in the mood for sushi, so we figured we wouldn’t be docked if we chose another sushi place downtown. We walked down to Sushi Shige on Granville, where they serve up the best spicy tuna sushi my face has ever met.

Sushi PizzaIt was so good that I emailed this photo to my husband before I started eating. One of the best parts of leaving the suburbs is sending photo evidence of THE VERY GOOD TIME YOU ARE HAVING to your spouse who is stuck at home folding laundry and putting the kids to bed.


The tuna literally melts in your mouth. It’s ridiculous. I feel as though this place is a little known gem in the downtown core. It’s got a nice vibe, a hole in the wall ambience where you feel like your gossip won’t be heard by others. Except it kind of was, especially after L-A brought out the F-bomb army during drink #2.


It’s at this point that I should mention we had to move tables because the delightful server told us our “wine wouldn’t fit” on the table for two.




L-A: While I’m always open to trying new things (honestly. And there were some very good downtown dinner suggestions thrown our way), if you say sushi, I say “get it in my face now”. As you know, I’m now part-time in Halifax, which means I’m rarely getting my fill of tasty sushi (KDubs has it’s charms and it’s schnitzel, but it has thus far failed me on the sushi front). The Shige sushi pizza is my favourite. Pair it with a half litre of house wine and bam! Party in my tummy.



I also had delicious avocado rolls and miso soup, but the sushi pizza is where it’s at. This place is totally blink and you’ll miss it (seriously. Ally wasn’t kidding about hole in the wall. It’s a door. In a giant wall. Blink and you’ll miss it and you’ll be sad).

Slightly Drunk Shopping.

Ally: After you’ve had a few glasses of wine, you want to go where everybody knows your name. Biscuit General Store is my fave place to shop in all of Halifax, not just downtown. So, when someone who I swear I did not pay off recommended that we spend some coin there, I was all…


Let me tell you, shopping aftera few drinks is totally liberating, although it brings a few risks. I plucked a pair of plaid pants from the rack and turned to L-A saying, “Tell me not to try these on.” L-A, was all, “YOU NEED TO TRY THOSE ON.”In retrospect, had L-A been sober, I’m not entirely sure she would have had that response.

The result? Yay for drink-ies! Also, the shirt is from Free People. Y’all know how much I love Free People.

outfit2These pants, from See you Monday Los Angeles, were purchased.

We also hit up the shoe section at Biscuit. I feel as though the shoe section at Biscuit doesn’t get the love it deserves. I needed to pair these pants with a great shoe.


I know what you’re thinking:

1. Did she seriously pick out electric blue booties to go with a pair of plaid pants?

2. Did she seriously wear a sequin skirt to her client’s office on a Thursday?

Yes, yes I did. To both.


L-A also had some luck in the shoe department. Let it be known that L-A and I will never have our friendship end due to a fight over men or shoes.

Big Day Downtown Shoes 2

L-A: Post-BDD shot of my shoes so you can’t see the fat feet I had when we were shopping. Mid-thirties are hard y’all.

They are actually super cute, and would look amazing with skinny jeans. L-A can pull that shit off. What’s that you ask? She didn’t buy any stripes?

laoutfit2Of course she did. I’m not sure how this shirt differs from the one she walked in with, but she assures me they are unique.

I had a gift certificate for Biscuit that my mom had given me for my birthday, so I donated my portion of the shopping funds on our Big Day Downtown card to L-A. This meant we still had a bit of money to spend so we turned our attention to a nightcap.

L-A: That picture doesn’t do the top or me justice. I’m actually surprised I’ve let it see the light of day. It’s bad because (a) Tyra would totally yell at me for my lousy modelling skills (seriously. I can’t pose for shit), (b) my mom would probably tell me to stand up straight, and, (c) let’s be real, because you try taking a good change room photo after wine and sushi. So, here’s a better view of it:

Bonanza by Biscuit Striped top1

Not only is it 75% different from all my other striped tops since I typically opt for a more fitted, classical boat neck style, but it was also Bonanza by Biscuit General Store.

Bonanza by Biscuit Striped top2

I’ve never owned a striped top by a local designer, so totally different than everything else. It looks way better when I pair it with jeans and a jacket. Trust.

Also, I almost didn’t buy the shoes. I was all, “I don’t know. Maybe.” because I’m awful at making decisions (and I was eyeing some cute jewellery). So I can thank Ally that I now have these beauts to wear on a work trip tomorrow.

Big Day Downtown Shoes 1

I have the last size 10, so my apologies to the other big footed ladies of Halifax – there are no more of these cute shoes for you.

The staff at Biscuit were delightfully nice about our drunk shopping at about 15 minutes before closing.

Moar Drinks.

Ally: It was a beautiful night, one of the last patio nights of summer, so we thought The Carleton would be a great choice. At this point in the evening, I can only recall that I ordered “Chardonnay” and “the big size”.


Those glasses were pretty much filled to the top when we started. It was a great end to a perfect night catching up with one of my best friends. There were a few other couples on the patio, and a live band could be heard from inside. It was quintessential Halifax.

L-A: Did someone suggest The Carleton? It’s possible. I know I did. But at that point in the evening, we forgot to check in on reader suggestions. And since it was actually my 10th wedding anniversary (also spent in downtown Halifax at the Halifax Club. And the Best Lady went shopping downtown in between the ceremony and the reception), I win.

Big Day Downtown wine

The answer to “6 or 9 ounces?” is almost always “9 ounces”.

But seriously, it’s hard to think of a better way to end an evening of dinner, drinks and shopping with one of your oldest friends (who was at my wedding. Her gift included a copy of US Magazine) than on a patio on Argyle street.

Big Day Downtown Biscuit Bag

Other than spending the evening with my husband (who I left in KDubs for the week), a Big Day Downtown is a pretty swell way to spend your anniversary.

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