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Friday Favourites – the 7th of February edition

February 7, 2014

L-A: Weird fact – I love the number 7. Followed closely by the number 11. The rhyming helps, but there’s something about 7 that’s just so loveable. Like, I embrace the idea of 7. Which means absolutely nothing, but I had to share because it’s the 7th so I’m embracing it.

1. LC for life y’all

I kind of hate Upworthy, which probably makes me a bad person who doesn’t believe in sparkles, puppies and the goodness of the human race. However, credit where credit is due: I love that they brought me this.




It’s a dumbass question and I’m not here to argue LC as Feminst Hero, but a round of golf claps to her for coming up with that one on the spot. (I’m so glad I’ll click on any Facebook link that says, “you’ll never believe in what Lauren Conrad had to say about…”

2. Connie Britton is basically made of magic

There is a lot of Nashville happening for me right now. Not real Nashville. The TV show. I started watching season two and I was okay skipping season one, but then Netflix added it. Now my days feel a split between “Not Watching Nashville” and “Finally Watching Nashville.” And a lot of it’s about Connie Britton and her hair.



Yes, Tami Taylor, I am jealous. It’s made of rainbows and sparkles and kittens and angel’s tears. And my hard water hair weeps in your presence and your dramatic country music stylings. I promise my husband I won’t start listening to country and I promise myself that tight pants and sequins and cowboy boots won’t start seeming like a good idea.

3. Old Navy, I am picking up what you are putting down. 

I made a resolution to buy less stripes, I swear that I did. But I strolled into Old Navy because I needed a cheap pair of skinny jeans and BAM.

old navy gets stripes

Sigh. It’s my kryptonite, y’all. And while I don’t want to buy a full Old Navy striped wardrobe, I’m probably going to buy at least five other things. It’s going to happen.

4. Seth Cohen on New Girl

It’s on my DVR. Don’t spoil it if it’s bad. I don’t think my heart can handle it if it’s not a wonderful TV moment. And if it is wonderful, I think my heart might explode with joy.

5. The Snow = Not a Favourite. 

Sweet jesus. The snow. I’m told this is a snow belt. I’m also told that it’s abnormal. Some people say, “this must remind you of back east!” To which I scoff, “it’s not home until I see a brown muddy lawn two days after a blizzard.” (To be fair, I do remember a time when there was this much snow in my life. Learning to drive in winter is awesome when there are snow banks as buffers to keep you from slipping off the road. I’ve hit my fair share and I apologize to the ghost of my KCar).

Whatever’s happening, I’m booking my plane ticket to California this week. April vacation cannot come soon enough.

You know what, while we’re watching the OC theme, let’s watch that time that Marissa shot Trey.

God. Remember when the OC was amazing?

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