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Favourite Friday: January 9 Edition

January 10, 2014

Ally: I’m pretty proud of myself. This week I actually went out and purchased grown-up clothes that I coveted instead of paying cash money for inappropriate clothing online that even my seven month old daughter is too old to wear. 2014 is looking up, my friends.


This news kicks off the week of Favourites (and one, I Cannot Do It Anymore Miley Cyrus).

Buying clothes like a boss

Wendy from Biscuit General Store touched base via Twitter after reading about my love of the label MinkPink (Twitter? I owe you one). She told me that not only does Biscuit carry MinkPink, but they have tons of it on sale, y’all. So I did the responsible thing and dragged my four year old into a clothing store cutting it precariously close to the time we were due to be at a medical appointment. I felt this was a “teachable moment” on time management for young Master G.

Not only did we make the appointment on time, but I walked away with two excellent additions for my closet.

Let me introduce you to the Rising Dawn Dress from MinkPink…

To be clear, I now have an actual boho item in my closet (one that I can actually wear out in real life).

To be clear, I now have an actual boho item in my closet (one that I can actually wear out in real life).

The above dress was on sale, which meant that I should have no guilt whatsoever for purchasing the following sexy secretary skirt from MinkPink for full price…


It’s actually called “The Boss” skirt, which is almost as good as “Sexy Secretary” and probably less demeaning.

Enjoyable, yet not educational, reading.

I won’t tell a lie, I quite enjoy the Bridget Jones series. This means I was very excited when El Jeffe gave me the latest book for Christmas. I devoured it as quickly as possible.


So, sure, it’s not going to win any literature prizes and the focus on weight, appearance etc. made my evolving feminist head hurt, but the book was a page turner best enjoyed with a glass of boxed wine. The formula for relaxation right here.

Searching Pinterest for “leather pants street style”.

No, really, this is an actual favourite activity of mine lately. I do this now. Often. I can’t tell you how much I want leather pants, and even more, how much I want to have places to go that I could wear leather pants. I wonder if Kate Moss debates whether a certain location is leather-pants-worthy. I bet she doesn’t. Kate Moss is like, “Fuck that shit. I’ll be wearing my leather pants today.” I want to be Kate Moss.



I Cannot Do It Anymore Miley Cyrus

This rant my get the blog some hate, but I’m a big girl. Have you seen the video for Adore You? The new song by Miley Cyrus?


I don’t care that Miley was once a Disney star. I was once in grade three. The world still let me grow up. She played Hannah Montana, get over it. No, seriously, you should probably get over it. Hannah Montana went off the air a very long time ago (don’t make me Google).

What I do care about, as a fan of her music, is the image she is shoving at us over and over and over again.

What I think is happening is that I’m getting old. I’ve been shocked by the Christina Aguilera “Dirrty” video (I will never forget watching that for the first time), the Madonna, Britney, Christina “threesome” at the MTV Awards, the Superbowl clothing malfunction with Justin and Janet etc. etc. etc. I’m frankly tired of artists like Miley being desperate for attention when they are already getting heaps of it. The visual of Miley shoving her hands down her underwear didn’t make me gasp or run to Twitter to talk about how we should lock our children in their rooms with baskets of Kale, it just made me roll my eyes so hard that I almost ate them for dinner. It’s been done before. IT HAS ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE. You are just making the EXACT SAME PEOPLE angry. How often do we have to make Sarah Palin angry before IT IS ENOUGH?

I’m a huge advocate for creating an open and welcome space for women to express their sexuality in whatever way they wish, so maybe I’m going to sound like a complete hypocrite with this rant. Maybe I’m not going to sound like a hypocrite, maybe I am a complete hypocrite. It’s just that my feeling is that this isn’t so much Miley expressing her sexuality as it is Miley getting way too much joy out of the controversy she courts by expressing her sexuality. I think contrived is the correct word.

adjective: contrived
1.deliberately created rather than arising naturally or spontaneously.

And I don’t think I’m alone in feeling annoyed that once again I feel obligated to dedicate some of my feminist efforts into defending Miley against arseholes all over the Internet. This was fine for the Can’t Stop video, totally ok for that awards show where Robin Thicke dressed like Beetlejuice dressed like John Travolta, and even ok for the Wrecking Ball “OMG she’s naked on a wrecking ball!” backlash. You know what, Miley? For 2014 I’d like the Internet to get tired of your antics and streamline it’s feminist power for good. For issues like, I don’t know, childcare for working women or equal pay as our male counterparts.

The thing I need to remember is that Miley is still young. While Beyonce can drop an album full of videos about sex, lots and lots of sex, with zero advance promotion and Win the Internet for 2013, Miley still needs to figure this all out. The difference between the Adore You video and Beyonce’s Rocket video is sophistication, and that comes with age and with experience. Beyonce has the benefit of both.

As a fan of Miley’s I was just hoping for more with the release of the video. Because the Adore You song is brilliant. Her whole album is brilliant. If you think otherwise, you’re selling Miley’s talent short, and to be honest, I kind of think Miley’s selling her talent short.

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