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Friday Favourites – the October 11th edition

October 11, 2013

L-A: I was legitimately unprepared for October. Now I’m just not willing to accept that it’s Thanksgiving weekend. Somehow that one always sneaks up on me and on Saturday I’m all, “damn. I need to find a turkey and potatoes!” Meanwhile everyone everywhere has bought all of the turkey.

Moving on. Favourites this week!

1. We super sadly missed AFW last weekend, but from the pictures, it looked amazing. Congrats AFW designers! Y’all continue to impress us.

2. Totally happening next week.

Also, Keri Russell is showing her age in some parts of this trailer and I’m giving her golf claps for not trying to look like she’s 20 and still on Felicity anymore. I mean, she looks great, but she doesn’t look 20. Because she’s not and that’s okay. Good for you, Keri Russell! (Note to self: finishing watching The Americans season one).  Also totally happening, I will re-watch at least one Jane Austen adaptation over the weekend. Because that is how I roll.

3. My mom really gets me. 

Because these shoes, you guys. These shoes.

striped ballet flats

She sent me the picture by text earlier this week to ask if I like them. Basically my feelings on them are this:

penny dance

4. Apple cider vinegar

I’m going to get into this in great detail next week, but my hair is the worst lately and apple cider vinegar seems to be my only friend. Until it dries out my hair. But for now, we’re besties.

5. Domino magazine is back!

domino magazine

I’m so pumped. I’m totally going to read about expensive rugs and no fuss flower arrangements and then never buy a rug or flowers. Love it. Now if only they’d bring back Blueprint magazine, I could have all the magazines to create my fantasy aspirational lifestyle that is worthy of a Pinterest board.

6. This version of Miley

It’s cute.

And because, frankly, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots make everything better. No matter how bored I am of seeing Miley’s tongue and crotch and the ensuing scandal every time she shows it off, I’m down with this version. (Because I am literally bored. Enough. You have a tongue and a vagina. I understand. And I understand that we are all shocked/horrified/worried about the children or, alternatively, in full support of her right to show them off. Can we all move on now?)

Enjoy your turkey friends! And the extra day to sleep in!

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  1. October 11, 2013 11:29 am

    Ummm that movie looks amazeballs. I love Keri Russell so much.

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