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Arm Party of the Day: August 28 and 29 party guests

August 29, 2013

L-A: Working from home has it’s ins and outs, ups and downs, what have yous. Some days its really cool that you’re so incredibly focused and can blast your jam of the day as loud as you want and wear leggings as pants because no one can judge (common phrase in my house “sure we can do X! Let me go put on some pants!” – because leggings as pants outside of these walls is not okay).

The downside, however, is here is no to share my triumphs with. Like a new striped shirt or a good hair day. Or when I add a new friend to the arm party. And quite frankly, the cats just don’t give any fucks at all about my bracelets. So, on occasion, I’m going to share with you my version of the OOTD. I call it the APOTD. Or, the Arm Party of the Day. It’s the closest I ever get to a selfie.

Meet today’s arm party! (slightly different than yesterdays).


Today’s Party Guests:

Arrow from Jewelmint

Jenny Bird Wild for Bees bracelet (if you follow me on the Instagram, you know I love the bees. I’ve been harassing my husband about how bees need our love for years now)

Red Half Six bracelet from Second Storey in Halifax

Bean from Tiffany’s

Green pun (it’s call “Timeless”) from Jewelmint


Yesterday’s Party Guests

All the same, but minus the bean and plus the Value Village (said with bad French accent) watch. Watch and Timeless bracelet can never go to the same party. It’s almost like when Brenda and Kelly wore the same dress.

That was fun. I’ll invite you guys to the APOTD when I switch things up or find a new party guest. 

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