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Friday Favourites – The all video, July 26th edition

July 26, 2013

L-A: This week, all my favourites are found on the YouTube, so let’s kick this sucker off.

1. We still completely adore Jennifer Lawrence

It’s all about what goes down at 2:30 in this video. To quote Chandler Bing, “could she be anymore adorable?”

2. This pretty much sums up how we feel about shoes. 

I don’t want to be a complete stereotype about ladies and shoes, but honestly, I am. They can totally be shiny ponies.

(found this video thanks to a blog I stumbled upon yesterday).

3. These guys

Because they’re amazing. And I know Ally is trying to copy their dance routine.

Also, can we talk about dancing in those shoes? I’d be lucky to walk in those. And I feel pain at the thought. I have an amazing pair of suede wedge booties and I love wearing them, but by god, does it ever hurt to walk in them after about 20 minutes. So golf claps on dancing in those.

4. Crappy pop songs of the week

I didn’t have one in mind, so I was like, “I know! Let’s see what Vevo is featuring this week!” Sure enough, it was a gold mine (I’ve got crappy pop songs for weeks!). I don’t know who Becky G is, so I don’t want to get down on her too much, but this song is all over the frigging map.

She raps. She sings like Miley in Party in the USA. I don’t know. Becky, pick a style and focus on that.

And of course, thanks to Vevo, I’ve found another Selena “Totally a Grown Up Now” Gomez. Her stylist is either still drunk or still trying to make her look ridiculous. I can’t tell anymore, but I do know there’s a be-dazzled and shoulder padded jacket happening up in here.



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