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Favourite Friday – the May 10th edition (a video heavy edition)

May 10, 2013

L-A: Hi Friday! I love you!

I love doing craft shows, but man oh man, do they ever kill me. You end up working all weekend and then getting right back into a work week. So I’m so ready for a weekend.

On to the favourites:

1. Warmer weather!

I’m wearing TOMS and ballet flats with no socks and it is delightful! I know we’re in for a weekend of rain, but I’m so happy that I can stop wearing socks.

2 . But that means I hate all my clothes and I don’t know what to wear.

Seriously though. Spring is hard y’all. What the hell am I supposed to wear to work? I had on a cute outfit the other day and by mid-afternoon I thought I might be wilting. I’m not quite ready for bare legs, but everything else calls for tights. What are you doing about this? I know I’m supposed to have answers, but I could use some advice.

3. This piece of internet magic.

I’m pretty sure this is why the Interwebs was created. Well, that and cat videos.

And before you tell me they really are best friends and not bitching each other out, don’t worry, I know. That’s clearly a non-verbal conversation that went down like this:

April Reimer: WTF? Seriously?

Alex from Happy Endings: Seriously? The Worst.

April Reimer: Mmmhmm. That’s what I’m saying. The Worst.

I know Ally and I have made similar faces. Except we’re not married to hockey players, so no one broadcast them on the CBC. (Except they totally should).

4. I feel like Ally has been having a hard week, so here’s 1997 Fishtank Leo to cheer her up.

This may be the only time in the history of Paul Rudd when no one swooned in his presence.

The video is super cornball editing, but does that really bother you?

5. Speaking of Leo, Gatsby is happening

I know. I was beginning to wonder if it was an elaborate joke. But no, it opens today and in 3D. I can only hope it will be amahzing and full of gif worthy Leo moments.

raise a toast with leo


Is it weird that I hope for gifs?

Ally: Let’s start right off with the bitchface as raised by L-A above.


Due to a higher than normal range of emotions these weeks, after posting this on my Facebook page yesterday I have to say I was almost offended at the suggestions I was not able to accurately interpret the above bitchface exchange. Girl, please. I’ve been reading bitchface before you ever met Dr. Seus.

Bow down, bitches.

Sienna wins the everything

For years, people (read: L-A) have been questioning my infatuation with Sienna Miller. I don’t understand why. Especially as she is the only one that can read an invitation and understand that punk does not mean dressing up like a  prom queen in North Dakota. Hi, Gwyneth!

This makes zero sense.

This makes zero sense.


Sienna owned punk. She was going home with the leader singer of the punk band (I don’t know any punk bands so just insert a name here). Sienna won.

Any questions?

Montell Jordan tells us this is how you do it.


Gwyneth actually had the audacity to call the 2013 Met Ball a hot, sweaty, overpopulated mess. You don’t likey, Gwyn? I’m sure Anna Wintour can take care of that invite you would have gotten for 2014.

Crappy Pop Video of the Week

It’s been a while since a video has moved me so deeply. I’m not a Robin Thicke fan, like, at all, but I am a huge lover of all things T.I. (I actually call him TIP, cause that’s his original acronym). That man is lovely. Very attractive. I would watch his reality show all the days.

This all brings me to the Crappy Pop Video of the Week. I’m not sure what’s going on here beyond three grown men embarrassing themselves deeply. There’s a number of comments on this YouTube video that accurately express anger over the way the women are depicted in this video (“death to feminism” being my personal favourite), but seriously ladies, we don’t need to worry. Nothing is being debased more than Robin Thicke’s hair here. Don’t make me talk about his sunglasses.

Sad, really. Cause this is an amazing beat. Imagine what Solange could have done with this?

Also, what up with the bad dancing? I could have done a better job dancing in those saran wrap outfits while nine months pregnant.



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