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Time for a cut

April 15, 2013

L-A: Clearly we’re both in need of haircuts. Not because our hair looks bad, but because of the following:

– when asked about spring trends, we both had tons to say about short hair (and far less to say about actual clothing trends).

– when my husband posted the most boring Facebook status ever about needing a haircut, Ally and I were the only ones to reply.

I recently got a better blonde going on thanks to my crackerjack hairdresser, Krista (yay for my head! Boo for my wallet! But so worth it!), but now I need this in my life:



Not necessarily the Leo (although I wouldn’t say no to him, even if he is a bit puffy these days and travels in a pack of bros). No, it’s the Carey Mulligan cut in the fabled Great Gatsby (I’m not even sure it really exists outside of photos and trailers). The cut isn’t that far off from what I have now, but it’s just that much shorter and cuter for spring/summer. Just look at this random, completely pointless animated gif:


Not entirely sure why someone made that gif, but whatevs, it show off the cut a bit more. But for reals. I totally want this cut to go with my summer gin drinks. And from what I know of Ontario summers (the heel of my shoe melted on the pavement during a visit there one June), I’m going to need both the short hair and the gin drink.

And if I’m very lucky, I’ll manage something like this on off days.


Well, not the smoky eye. That’ll never happen without the help of a professional. I’m still barely managing to get eyeliner on straight (shout out to my co-workers for never mocking my awful eyeliner attempts).

Ally: Oh I love this! I will even come with you and hold your hand (mostly because I really, really need to escape from my house these days, but also because you’re a great gal and anything to get you closer to Leo D is A-Ok with me.)

I too need a haircut. I’ve been trying to push my visit with Esther at Genesis Hair Salon in Scotia Square (Go! You’ll love her!)  so that I can get my new do as close as possible to my due date. This way I can look relatively decent for the first few months of motherhood (let me dream, ok?). Maybe it’s maturity, but I’ve realized that despite my longing for short hair, I will never, ever have the ability to recreate the look as seen in the magazines. For example, the Michelle Williams style? No. It would be pasted back with bobby pins. Therefore, my request for Esther will be to cut and colour my hair like so:



This photo was obtained by Googling, “Long bob ombre”. Blogging gold.

I might even take in this photo to Esther to see if she would approve:



I’m thinking she would not, but it’s worth a shot. It’s just so cute though!


I feel like this hair is the only thing between me and being fabulous:


What about you, readers? Any styles you’re coveting these days? Dish.

ALLY UPDATE: My husband just emailed in regards to the Scarlett hairstyle above stating, “The length is good but needs to be straightened.  Don’t think the just-rolled-out of bed look will translate to the life of a consultant : )  I can cut it for you?”

Um, to that I have to throw to young Charlotte to provide an adequate response:

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