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Search Terms of the Day

March 25, 2013

L-A: One of the fun things about owning a blog is finding how people found us. That’s right. We see your search terms. There’s no privacy anymore. So we’ve taken the top five recent search terms and help you find them:

Top Five Searched For Things

1. Mischa Barton


Really? This is the celebrity that is top of the mind when googling these days? Whatever, it’s not like we haven’t wondered. Because we love you, we googled her to find out what she’s doing: the Mischa Barton Experience tells us she’s still acting, her Twitter/Instagram has her playing dress up in Dior (bitch), and she’s designing clothes (on first glance, the bags look better than the dresses). While her acting career may not be so hot these days, I have to say things are looking pretty good for our girl Mischa. Best of all is the Lifetime Movie:

Movie night anyone??

2. Isabel Marant Sneakers

These things.

Isabel Marant Sneakers

Ally believes these are high top sneakers you can wear into your 30s. She has yet to convince me.

3. Peacoats

You guys, what is with the peacoat love? This is one of our top search terms year round. Even in the summer. I don’t completely get it. I love me a peacoat, but it’s a seasonal thing. Anyway, since I was listening to some Beach Boys, here’s Brian Wilson in a peacoat and plaid pants:


It’s a bold look, but especially when accessorized with a goat, I  dig it.

4. Downton Abbey/Lady Sybil/Mary

We love them too. Especially Sybil’s pants. We pour one on the ground in her memory.


5. Gossip Girl Blair

I’m sorry, no. The show is over and by the time it ended, she was hardly relevant. I know because her hair had even quit caring about the show.

Serious sad sack hair, Blair.

Serious sad sack hair, Blair. Even Chuck is questioning his decision to devote his life to you.

Source: my buddies at YKYLF

Long gone are the days of the glorious, shiny hair with its trendsetting headbands. Mostly I’m just angry that they ended it off with weddings of some of the unhealthiest relationships ever: Chuck was basically emotionally abusive (he sold her for a hotel!) and Dan was a cyberstalker who tortured them through their teen years. Quite frankly, both of those go on the list of worst relationships ever, falling behind Luke and Laura and how they got their start.

But they’re all very sorry and love you, so it’s cool.

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