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Favourite Friday: January 25 Edition

January 25, 2013

L-A: Hi! I’ve been gone for awhile. But I’ve got a good excuse – my internet at home is blocking the blog. This may be my internet provider’s way of saying “You know what L-A, that was one gif too many. And while we’re at it, you hurt Zooey Deschanel’s feelings when you said you didn’t really like her dress. We’re cutting you off.” So until then, Ally is cutting and pasting on my behalf (hopefully to be remedied for Monday).


1. Birthday Week

Has sadly come to a close. My birthday is a pop culture landmark – it’s me, Poe, Dolly Parton, Chuck Bass and Buffy Summers (may the latter two rest in television peace. Poe, I’m sure, gets no peace).


2. R. Kelly’s Ignition is 10 years old


I know! This should totally be Ally’s favourite. But I’ve got a good reason and it’s called this necklace.


I have the Morrissey version, but I also want the R.Kelly one. Because some days you’re having a Morrissey day and some days you’re having an R. Kelly day. While no one will notice the difference between my necklaces, you will notice that I’m sporting a pompadour and swinging gladiolas or if I’m bouncing to the hotel lobby after the party.


3. Ryan Gosling’s Mug


While I can never get close to his real mug and while I’m actually a total coffee snob, I really want Tim Horton’s to make this to happen for real.



I would drink a double double if it meant that mug could be mine. (And I drink coffee black. And, if at all humanly possible, a dark roast from a local roaster. I told you I’m a snob).


4. You go Glen Coco: Bonanza by Biscuit! 



We’ve known this was in the works and let me tell you, we were pumped when we heard it. And now it’s official and we can’t wait to see what Wendy is going to serve up this spring. Golf claps to Biscuit, golf claps.


5. Ponies. In. Sweaters.



Are you kidding me, Scotland? You are not? Well, I will say thank you for making that happen.
And now it’s the freakin’ weekend and Imma go home to some wine and catch up on laundry and television. I live a really frigging exciting life.

Ally: So. Sick. Here is all I have.


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  1. Ellie permalink
    January 25, 2013 5:37 pm

    Guys, have you seen the “making of” ponies in cardigans video??

    Oh yes, it exists:

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