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Totally fictitious Christmas lists are the best: Listmas with Mel

December 24, 2012

Mel: Listmas is my favourite Christmas tradition. Well, next to drinking all of the wine and eating all of the food. It’s an excuse to go and look at nice things that I can’t possible afford. This year, my Christmas present to myself was about $1,000 in car repairs, so now more than ever I am into the online window shopping.

Without further adieu:

Kick Ass Shoes is having a promotion where if you share one of their photos, you have a chance to win that item. Since sharing this baby:



I have become obsessed with this bag. It is sold out pretty much everywhere on the Internet. Not that I can justify the big price tag, but a girl can dream.


Next up – To go along with my totally rad new Marc Jacobs bag that I am going to win, I would like to have this totally bitchin’ leather jacket from Soia and Kyo.

I have a soft spot for a badass leather jacket and this one is totally amazing. Detachable hood? Those cuffs?! I need this in my closet.

In addition to liking fashion and being snarky, I also slap da bass in a ragtag band. As such I have a total full scale crush on this baby:




And finally, since this is a fantasy Christmas list, I would like to wear my awesome jacket, put my gorgeous bass in the backseat and carry the car keys for this baby in my new Marc Jacobs bag:




Merry merry fashionland.

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