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Merry Listmas from the West Coast Bureau

December 24, 2012

Anthony: Jimmy Choo Abel patent-leather pumps. $525. Why? Because Shanda Leer has been gasping for electric blue pumps, but I wouldn’t turn down these robin’s egg blue numbers. And yes, Shanda only wears 4-inch heels, but her ankles crave a kitten heel.


 Cheese & Onion Tayto. 1.75€. Why? I know – there couldn’t be any more food around your face at Christmas, but if you’ve ever tasted these delicate crisps from Ireland you’ll understand there’s nothing better at 2a.m. after a solid day of holiday drinking. Plus, if you’ve got these, you don’t need to stop for a midnight burrito (which is never a good idea).

Drink with Bruno Mars. Priceless. Why? Have you heard his new album? I’m totally obsessed. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a sharp dresser and not afraid of colour blocking.

Bonus: A genuine Shanda Leer .gif!

(editor’s note: this is the first ever original gif on FPQT)

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