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Favourite Fridays: November 9 Edition

November 9, 2012

Ally: Good morning, campers! Hope you’ve all had a good week and that you’re planning to take time this weekend to honour our veterans (if you’re Canadian…or perhaps even if you’re not).

It’s dreary out there in Halifax today, so let’s get right to some favourites to cheer us up.

Favourite thing to make me laugh this week

The post-US election GIFs were good, really good, but you’ve likely all seen them and already chuckled. What made me laugh until my stomach hurt was this image of Justin Bieber at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.


Keep calm and drink your mimosa, I’m getting to the outfits shortly. First though, Bieber? I mean, speaking personally, nothing makes me want to rip off my sports bra and put on something fancy (I don’t think I own anything fancy to be honest…) than the visual of Justin Bieber serenading me. Everything about Justin at this fashion show was a gift to behold.



Ok, the outfits. Enough has been said about them on the Internets already, and said much better than I could put it. I’m still going there though.


I’m apparently really out of the loop in regards to what people find appealing these days. Is that a hula hoop? Is she supposed to be cotton candy? These are my questions.


Part of me wishes to purchase the machinery the model is wearing above just to see what El Jeffe’s reaction would be if I presented myself in this upon walking into our boudoir.


For when you want to play circus master. You know, those times.


You just never know what the weather will bring when you get that late night call! Best to be prepared. Adorable umbrella!

And never one to be outdone, Rihanna posted this on her Instagram account before (after?) performing at the fashion show. Subtle.


Where’s your raincoat, girl?

I know, I’ve spent far too much time on this. Let’s move on.

 Favourite New Thing for Me!

If you follow me on Twitter, on Facebook, or drive by my house like a stalker, you’ve likely already seen me in my new frames. If you haven’t, please take a moment to indulge my vanity!

I love them very much. They’re Ray Bans, extremely light, and do you notice that they are powder blue? I’m a sensitive hipster! I purchased them at my favourite place to shop in Bedford, All about Eyewear. A store I think so highly of that I wrote a review on Yelp. I’m so lazy, I never write reviews, this should tell you something. I really encourage you to visit Fred if you’re in the market for new glasses. Their selection is incredible, and he is one of those people that take great excitement in helping you find something you’ll love. You won’t regret it.

Favourite Article about Taylor Swift

My friend Audra posted this on our Intern Eden’s Facebook wall and I thought it was marvelous! The writer compares Swifty to Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen! It’s a must-read.


Crappy Pop Video of the Week

I spent a lot of time writing about models in underpants, so I’ve really got to get to work now (sentence I though I’d never write). I leave you with Rihanna’s Diamonds. I’m on the fence with RiRi…on one hand, I love that she’s not packaged up in a bubble gum wrapper, but I wish she’d take a break for a while and let us miss her. We would miss her…right?




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