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Favourite Friday: October 11, 2012 Edition

October 12, 2012

Ally: I’m not sure if you noticed, but we’ve been phoning it in lately. Actually, we haven’t even been picking up the phone. We’ve been like, texting it in.



Between L-A talking about her shoes (that actually made me “lol” it was so random) and me talking about my hombre hair, I would be shocked if anyone actually came to read our favourites this week. Do not fear! We have a plan! This shall be turned around! Starting today!

Favourite any chance I get to talk about Eminem

It’s the 10th anniversary of 8 Mile, which in my opinion is one of the best movies ever made. For me, the best movies are the ones that you are more than happy to sit and watch when they come on Much Music at 10pm at night on a random Tuesday. I don’t think the acting was necessarily off the chain, nor was the writing that fantastical (except for in the battle scenes), but the combination of the semi-autobiographical story and the way it made America look at Eminem a bit differently is pretty incredible. It was his first movie, and he was literally in every single scene. That’s impressive. My favourite scene is NSFW (obviously), but the runner up would be this one.

* Note this is also potentially NSFW due to the swears.

(editors note: I realized after the fact that I used the same video clip as Lainey @ and I note that we both appreciate the 8 Mile sexy times scene. I admit to taking inspiration from Lainey on the daily, but this time it was true coincidence. I think other people like that sexy times scene as well. Can’t be certain. Ok, yes, I can.)

Also, read the Vibe article. It’s worth the five minutes it will take.


Favourite reason for Nicki Minaj and Rihanna to shut up

While Nicki Minaj is going off on Mariah, and Rihanna is tweeting about her and her baby’s “bidness”, P!nk is doing what P!nk does. Which is kicking ass.

Can everyone else just sit down already? Also, P!nk has a song on her album featuring Eminem. It’s like my personal woven hand basket of unicorns, sunshine, rainbows and Mars bars.


 Favourite attempt at being a “street style” photographer

While on a job this week, I happened to notice that two of the people I was with were pleasantly styled. I decided to document for blog purposes.The photos were taken with my iPhone so chill on the quality complaints.


I loooooooooooved Shannon’s tweed blazer. She bought it at Zara, but says there is an almost identical one at Club Monaco (for double the price, but it might be worth it). Her shoes are from Aldo, and I adore.


I love the name Lucy. I wish my name was Lucy (but with a Princess in front of it). Lucy was able to wear skinny jeans with a belt. I find this an amazing feat. It was deserving of a picture on our internationally acclaimed blog (or one that was locally recognized by Halifax Magazine).

Favourite opportunity to talk local theatre

I have my BA in Theatre Studies from King’s (shocking, non??!!), so I like to take any opportunity I can to promote local shows. I’ve been a fan of Jeremy Webb for a while. I think he does so much for the arts community here, so I’m glad to help him spread the word about his new play Fishing. Playing at Neptune, the show takes a look at internet dating from the male perspective,  following unlucky-in-love Paul Fisher as he tries dating seven women in seven days; women that have approached him on the dating website Things, of course, go horribly wrong.

The comedy is based in reality as Webb really did those seven dates while researching the play three years ago. Fishing has toured the Maritimes since last May and is playing at Neptune for an extended run in November (the 6th to the 18th).

In an email, I asked Jeremy to share what he felt was the main appeal of the play, he responded, “We all like to laugh at the misfortunes of others, as long as there’s a great payoff. In Fishing, our lead character is a bit of a jerk. he learns a lot about women during those seven dates!” Check out the 90 minute play to see if the male lead is successful at love.

(Ally Editors note: Wow, I should really review theatre. I’m GOOD at this! I’m kidding, but still…feel free to throw compliments my way.)

Fishing plays November 6-18, 2012, nightly at 8pm (weekend matinees at 2pm)

Tickets: $25 ($18 discounts) from Neptune: 902 429 7070


 Crappy Pop OSCAR WINNING music video of the week

L-A’s hubby says that every time he hears this song he thinks of me. Or at least he sent me an email one time last year saying the video was on and he thought of me. Is this awkward for you, L-A? That your husband is thinking of me in 3…2…1…


L-A: Damn. Now I need to start sending El Jeffe emails with songs that make me think of him. I don’t have one right now (how does El Jeffe feel about hipster adjacent tunes?), but in the meantime, I’ll dedicate our alma mater’s fight song* to him. What up, homecoming weekend?!

*enough wine in me and I will totally sing that song, complete with the boom booms. 

Okay, now for favourites:

1. This totally gave me face pains (but in a good way)

Face pains is what our friend Jill calls crying, except without the tears. Which I had. Mostly because I was trying not to have mascara running down my face (I am cursing my decision not to get waterproof mascara. Damn you all to hell Maybelline!).

But for reals? The end of that movie was like the end of an episode of Friday Night Lights: it broke my heart and put it back together again. I know y’all know this already, but being a teenager is hard, but sometimes awesome and this book and movie get it. It helps that the author of the book wrote and directed the move (although, I admit, this made me a little nervous). When Stephen Chbosky wrote about feeling infinite, I know exactly what he meant.

So if it’s in a theatre near you, go see it. But I’ll give you a quick warning: the movie is not full of hipsters and American Apparel junkies, it’s actually set in the early 90s. I was really unsure why the popular kids were wearing such high waisted jeans with floral blouses. Then I realized they weren’t being ironic. They were actually cool back then and I cringed a bit to remember my own jeans and floral blouses.

In the meantime, I’m fangirling so hard over the movie and the soundtrack that I put this mixed tape together based on songs from the book. (But do not start looking for this movie on tumblr. The fangirling there gets corny. Too corny even for me).

2. Well played ladies.

I joked we should kickstarter up some coin and buy Mills Brothers when it went on sale. Of course, I did not, because what do I know about running a business of any kind (other than the car wash I owned after level III/grade 12. Yes. You read that correctly. I was a co-owner with my friends Catherine and Shawna and I would get flustered if a moderately attractive dude needed his car washed).

But these ladies were not joking around. They liked it so much, they bought the bizness.

Four of these ladies now own Mills on Spring Garden.

{Ally’s Editor’s Note: Snaps for those leather pants! Wait, am I going to get harrassed for commenting on a smart lady’s outfit again?}

They’ve got plans for the store and it includes a move to Spring Garden Place (where, if you know Halifax, is the current home of the Roots store).  I hope the plans include to have more Saint James clothing. Because, let’s face it, I need more nautical in my life. Fancy nautical.

Golf claps to you ladies. I dedicate this song to you (which will surprise the hell out of Ally):

3. Turbine Showcase 2012

Do you have tickets yet? Because I hear they’re selling out.

Ally and I went to a Turbine Showcase almost two years ago now and loved it. Bonus, while you’re out enjoying the clothing, the money is going to a really good cause.

4. Big Day Downtown is back


There’s a twist this year – we’re paired up to hang out with Halifax Broad downtown. I’m working out a plan for how to spend our $100. Sadly, not on a tattoo (anchor tattoo is in the works…I just need to decide on an anchor).

5.  Top 10 Best Fictional Boyfriends

It’s not written by me, but it may as well have been. In fact, if it weren’t for fictional boyfriends 7 through 10 (Ron Weasley isn’t my jam and I’ve never seen Breaking Bad), I would have started to worry that I was writing about pretend boyfriends for other websites and not remembering.

Of course he’s on the list.

However, that list is providing me with some inspiration. Watch for it. The hamster in my brain is awake and starting to grease the wheel again. And he’s super peeved to learn I let him sleep in while I texted it in.

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  1. The Dubsband permalink
    October 12, 2012 8:27 am

    I think Julia Gillard was channeling Rabbit this week..

    • allygarbs permalink
      October 12, 2012 8:34 am

      Ha! So true. Are you thinking about me? Just checking…

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