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Cause we haven’t talked about Ally’s hair in a while…

October 3, 2012

Ally: I think the last time I had my hair done was around Easter time last year. I went in late spring to have my bangs touched up a bit, but that’s it. We’re looking at six months (give or take) without a hair cut or dye job. That’s impressive.

It’s not because I’ve been short on time or lazy (I’ve been both actually, but I always make time for my hair), it’s because my ombre style does not bring the roots as quickly.

Sidenote: My hairstylist Esther loves how I pronounce “ombre” like “hombre”.

I fell in love with the style after seeing it on model Lily Aldridge:


We have so much in common, because we’re both supermodels. First time around, my bangs were a bit too dark, which is why we had them fixed in early spring. Since then, it’s been clear coasting, and I’ve absolutely loved the colour(s). I’m heading back in to see Esther next week, and I’m trying to figure out how I can experiment with the look a bit. El Jeffe suggested I give my hair a bit of a trim (he said the ends are looking “rough”, which I would agree). This means I am tempted to completely chop it off like so:


Or this style:


While I love the idea of this, the reality is much different. I have more in common with Miley’s bun than you would think. My hair is down approximately once a month.

Also, it’s taken me so long to grow my hair our after the whole, “chopping my hair off to look like a french sailor” incident while eight months pregnant back in 2009, that I really want to just clean it up and keep growing. That, and I’m thinking I’d like to go a bit softer with the colours a la this style:


So, this is what I’ll likely show Esther. Even though what I truly want to do is this:


What’s that now? You’d like to hear a Demi Lovato song? I’m game!



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