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Favourite Friday: September 28 Edition

September 28, 2012

Ally: I’m giving L-A the day off because I have the authority to do so. She had a bad week so I was all, “Girl, take a load off. Pick up a bottle of wine and watch you some bad TV.” Knowing her, that will likely be PBS. I wonder what it would have been like living with L-A? We would have had to have separate TVs and stereo systems. My Usher would constantly try to out-do her Weezer. #Winning.

I don’t so much have favourites this week, more of an outline of deep thoughts. So let’s follow on that vibe.

Deep Thought #1: The Voice vs. X Factor

They paid a lot of money for Britney, and while I love her, I think this was a gamble they shouldn’t have taken. The only thing they’ve gotten out of it is really good GIFs.


My 18 year old self is slapping me across the face while I say this, but I prefer Christina on The Voice.


I hate to question anyone’s choice in cleavage placement, but I am curious about the pain Christina is inflicting on her chest.


It doesn’t even make sense. I mean, “they” don’t even make sense. With that said, she is a far superior judge over Britney (this far).

Also regarding The Voice, I feel the following confession may trouble some readers. I have “feelings” for Adam Levine. I know, I know! I’ve seen the Moves like Jagger video. Still though…I think it’s how he sits in his chair all hot like. Don’t be shocked, if you are, you need to review my Pretend Boyfriend Weekly Calendar:

Swoons to the moooooons!

Looking back, Adam Sandler was a questionable choice. I may have been on the wine when sending my pics to L-A. I just felt so much pressure.


Deep Thoughts #2: What up with the Gangnam Styles, Peeps?

Did we misplace our regret over the Macarena?

Let’s find it, ok? I’ll help look.

This is out of control. Although, I did find this rather amusing.

Let’s just agree to end it on that note.

Deep Thoughts #3: (Ok, this is a favourite) Pitch Perfect

Cannot wait to see this movie, and I only get to see about two movies in a given year.

At first I was like, “Anna Kendrick is in whaaaa?”, but the trailer grew on me. It’s the anti-Lea Michele, so I’m buying.

Deep Thoughts #4: (ok, this is another favourite)Dexter is back this week!

It’s my number one favourite show. I wait for it every year. Mostly this means I get to adore the fashion styles of Deb Morgan once a week (plus on Google!).


Crimson & Clover: Amazing Local News Not Related to Tuxedo Stan

Crimson & Clover celebrated their one year anniversary and Grand Reopening last night. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it out, but we’re thrilled to hear that they’ve expanded to two floors! Y’all know I love me some Frenchys, so this is like the champagne of consignment shopping. If you were able to make it last night, send us some pics of what you purchased! We’ll showcase on the blog. Whoever purchased these Prada shoes…I see you…right now…looking at you…


Crappy Pop Video of the Week

I think I surprised myself by not enjoying Gangnam Style. Especially when I was reminded this week how much I loved 98 Degrees song, “Hardest Thing”. Particularly the reference to Dr. Zhivago. I remember going for a group pizza date in university. The song was playing in the background while I gazed deeply at my crush of the day. He got me. He got the song. No idea where he is now. I recall it was fantastic pizza.


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