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NYFW 2012: Ermahgerd! Skirts for Grown Ups!

September 12, 2012

L-A: Another NYFW is upon us and once again we watch from afar. This is largely to do with the blog’s budget (nil. Although, maybe we can kickstarter our way to 2013?) and the fact that Toddler G is born during Fashion Week (He knew this was an important week to come into the world. He probably debuted not long after something fabulous by McQueen because he’s a fabulous kid). Which is why the interwebs is our best friend during Fashion Week.

Pour example, the Fancy Fashion Week Video of the Donna Karan show arrived in our inbox and I was able to kick back with a glass of wine and watch the show while I did my nails. Anna Wintour didn’t have that luxury (suck it, Anna!) (not really. I still love your hair).

Anyway, while watching the video, an overwhelming sense of “ermahgerd”  came over me as I noticed two very important things:

1. A-line skirts

2. Skirts that hit the knee or go below the knee

Why are these two things important? Because I’m an adult who does not have the legs of a model or a 20 year old. I also have a shape that works well with an A-line (waist is much smaller than hips). And when you combine an A-line with a somewhat more modest length, you get a skirt I can wear to work and manage a mix of profesh and awesome. Fear not younger ladies with great legs – there are still a few short hemlines out there for those of you who can pull that shit off (like Alice + Olivia). But for those of us over 30 who probably can’t/shouldn’t be wearing a mini-skirt to work: behold!

Donna Karan – super cute! I want to wear this to a party.

Jil Sander Navy – Okay, seriously? This skirt is kind of what my dreams are made of.

Marc Jacobs – it’s like nautical, but without being my usual obvious nautical.

Boy by Band of Outsiders – above the knee, but not inappropriately so.

Sophie Theallet – I’d never tuck a wrap sweater into a skirt, but I dig that sweater and I super dig that skirt. I want it for next summer.

(Source: yep. all from – who do a much better job at covering all the shows. Seeing as they attend. And have dudes like Tim Blanks writing for them).

I really hope this slightly longer, A-line skirt is going to be a bandwagon I can hop on next spring. Fingers crossed for next summer being full of skirts I can wear. And wear to work.

widescreen format for News2Know

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