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Monday Filler

August 13, 2012

Ally: We opted against “phoning it in” today and decided to give you two deep thoughts:

Male sprinters are all quite good looking and wear enjoyable pants.


Ally enjoys Jesse J, Twitter does not.

Enjoy your Monday.

P.S. L-A wanted to add, “Glitter tights!”


 L-A: I’m not sure I know what a Jessie J is. But the tweets about “wtf closing ceremonies?!?” appear to be as entertaining as actually watching (which I didn’t do).  Also, in spite of glitter tights, Posh is looking the best. I don’t understand the white glitter pantsuits (all kinds of ‘oh honey no’ on the bedazzled vest). Ginger is second in a silver romper…which is saying something, since I kind of hate rompers.

And based on what I read on the Twitter, here are my musical suggestions. They’re total classics.

Actually, not sure what song Fatboy Slim did. But I like this video best. Yes, even more than Weapons of Choice. Just look at the jazzercise styles and Spike Jonze in the giant glasses.

Am I the only one who wants to burst into laughter when they listen to that? The slow-mo dancing in the rain alone feels too much for watching at work.  I’m legit giggling at my desk. But I’m wearing headphones, so everyone probably thinks I’m insane.

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