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Favourite Friday: August 10 Edition

August 10, 2012

Ally: I don’t have a lot of favourites this week. I don’t have a lot of anything. El Jeffe was in Toronto this week for work and I learned what single, working mothers do on the regular. I salute them. Those women know the definition of exhaustion.

With that said, a couple of things made Ally happy over the past seven days. Seriously, it’s only a couple. L-A’s gonna have to chaulk this post up to shitty co-blogging. Keeping it real, baby.

Olympic Fashion via Twitter

She didn’t win a medal (but I completely believe she will in 2016), but Bridgewater’s Jenna Martin did win major fashion points in this ensemble she wore out in London and which she posted on her Twitter account.


It’s so funny, that’s exactly what I look like in my white skinny jeans! Except not. Nicely played, Jenna. Double denim done well. Glasses and all.

Favourite New Lady Singer

For some reason I follow a lot of stupid people on Twitter. I’m not trying to be mean, these people are really ignorant.My Twitter friend @imakemoves is not one of those people. We share a common love/hate for the players of Shady Records. Don’t ask, it’s complicated. Anyway, he introduced me to Arlissa!

I’m all over it.

Not Favourite: Lady Gaga up in my September Issue


“Think you know Lady Gaga”? Thinks I don’t want to, Vogue ladies.

I’m curious as to how many of her “Little Monsters” actually read Vogue. I’m also curious as to why Chelsea Clinton didn’t make the cover. Now that’s someone who I’d be interested in seeing wearing vintage Chanel.

PERFECT Crappy Pop Video of the Week

Pink! is back and I couldn’t be happier. I love her more than Britney. What? This is surprising to you? It’s true. She’s a kick-ass, pop superhero.


 L-A: This post could be the closest we come to an Olympic theme this summer. Not because I don’t care about the Olympics. I just missed the opening ceremony fashions and it got me off on the wrong foot. I just feel behind it all. Like four hours behind. Anyhow. Favourites.

1. One of the few age appropriate Olympic Pretend Boyfriends.

Feel creepy saying, “mmm-mmm, that 18 year old swimmer is hot”? Yes, well, you’re probably justified in that feeling. Which is why we present you with the following:


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Yordan Yovchev, a man you can ogle and feel no age-related shame while doing so. Head here for more images. You’re welcome.


2. McKayla is not impressed.

She may have won silver in vaulting, but she wins gold in bitchfacing. Even Ally has trouble competing with that. And since she’s now a bona fide meme, we had to add to it:

And now for my non-Olympic favourites….

1. Emma Stone is Awesome

Okay, we were already in agreement on that. But she got awesomer when she said the following in Teen Vogue:

Emma Stone: You get asked interesting, poignant questions because you are a boy.

Teen Vogue: It’s sexism.*

Emma Stone: It is sexism.

Seriously, Emma Stone? You’re the best.

 *I’m fully aware the Teen Vogue interviewer brings up the word sexism in the interview. But Emma Stone is the one who calls out the media for giving her the shitty questions about what she wears and giving her boyfriend poignant questions. Although, I’m not sure what sort of poignant questions Teen Vogue is asking Andrew Garfield about Spiderman. Whatevs. Favourite.

2. Most Perfect Dress Ever.

Have I mentioned that Pink Tartan dress I tried on at the Bay? I did? Okay. I just need to talk about how perfect it is again. I may need a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $425 to buy the Most Perfect Dress Ever.

Picture this (or something very much like it) in black. And on me. And fitting perfectly. I die.


3. Your hipster jam of the week.

Well, not really. Except maybe a little. I don’t know anymore. I just know I’ve been listening to a lot of Elvis Costello this week.

(Totally chose that one for Ally. Even if he does spell Allison in the non-Ally way. So I’m probably getting all kinds of eye rolls from the suburbs right now).

4. Project Runway is back!

An YKYLF is killing it on their recaps in the Lifetime contest. You should go read.

5. This is literally a real thing.

This was sent to us in a press release and I ignored it without watching the video. MISTAKE.

Words fail me.

I’m going to let Brittany Murphy sing us out this week.

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