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Random Style Icon: Lana Del Rey

June 18, 2012

L-A: I’m super tardy to this party. And I’m not sure if I’m lame for hopping on this bandwagon or if I get a few cool points. But whatevs. I’m on board.

Months and months ago, Lana Del Rey did something that made Twitter hate her. I’m not sure what. But being a trending topic immediately put her low on my list of things I cared about. Right there with #pointlesshashtagmemeoftheday. And then on the weekend as I was hanging out with a bottle of wine, one of my favourite authors (who has a book coming out this week, so expect that to be on the Friday Favourites) posted a link to a Lana Del Rey demo:

So then I fired it up the old Rdio (the source of all my jams these days. At least when I’m at work) and figured out that holy crap! I kind of dig this lady.

Not entirely certain about the sheer blouse, but I'm going to let it slide because I like the music.

So, I listened to her music a lot this weekend (occasionally taking breaks to listen to ‘Boyfriend’. Which I will call my “ironic jam” because it’s the only way I can listen to it and still call myself remotely not lame) and that meant I had to google her a bit and I think I dig her as a random style icon. Except, her style is totally all over the map. The only thing that’s really consistent is her bitchin’ eye makeup (I’m jealous of anyone who can use liquid eyeliner) and her really frigging fantastic hair.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the style of Lana Del Rey and see if I can figure this out.

1. Flowers. Lots and lots of them.


She’s dressed like that episode of that TLC show where you decorated a room in your neighbours house and Hilde decorated an entire bathroom in plastic flowers (owners = less than pumped). This shirt, if it is a shirt (it is possibly a lady-eating bouquet), is kind of an extreme example, but google image search brings up a whole lot of her with flower wreaths on her head. Maybe if you want to take style inspiration from this, you can go for a floral print instead of actual flowers. A print lasts longer.

2. Novelty sunglasses

On the upside: if she makes this fetch happen, you can wear these glasses without everyone thinking you’re taking style inspiration from Lolita (post for another day). Because honestly, no one really wants their style associated with Humbert Humbert’s nymphette.

3. Over-accessorizing more than I already do.

I feel like Ally would be on board with this t-shirt.


She appears to never be without a giant chain and one another necklace and earrings and a giant ring or two. Which pretty much makes her my accessories soul sister. And that “Bad” script ring she’s got? I’ve recently been considering getting a scripty ring that says “L-A”, so I’m on board with scripty rings.

Yeah, I kind of want to make fetch happen.

4. Wear Keds and cute dresses. Oh, and novelty sunglasses.


I’m not sure what’s happening with her normally perfect hair, but the Keds are totally my jam. Summertime means I will break out the yellow Keds and I will probably wear them with a dress (mostly because I hate shorts, so it’s all skirts if/when weather warms up).

5. Lots of white.

And definitely the yes to loafers. Personally, I’m not going to touch platform loafers with heels like that, but it’s more of a workplace safety thing. I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself trying to walk in those. But I do like them. I’ll just stick to flat loafers.

6. When possible, channel the late 50s, early 60s. 


But not the Mad Men look. That’s over (I declare it so, whether it is or not). And never look happy. When at all possible, looks sad. Better still, look Marilyn Monroe profoundly sad.

again with the flowers


Having naturally pouty lips really helps if you’re going for the sadface. Don’t get them done just for this style or you may end up looking like Nicole Kidman and no one wants that. I also suggest practicing your tortured look in front of the mirror. It’ll be your best accessory when you’re wearing the cutest floral dress – it keeps you from looking too girly and happy-go-lucky.

7. Above all else, have fanfuckingtastic hair and learn how to use liquid eyeliner.

I will probably hate you a little bit if you do this, but I will understand that you’ve somehow mastered the eyeliner. And the hair? I will never have hair like that and I’m okay on that front. My hair and I have come to an agreement of what we both need to do and we’re going to stick it out there and not wish for more.


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  1. June 18, 2012 7:29 pm

    I don’t know that I care enough to disagree with you about her. The only impression I get is she exerts an awful lot of energy to be “mysterious” or “broody” or whatever jam she’s going for.

    I also can’t name a single song of hers, which makes me thing you’re probably on to something with the style icon, because her music career may be … limited.

    • la permalink*
      June 18, 2012 8:09 pm

      I agree on the brooding for broodings sake. And prior to this weekend, I was only vaguely aware that she existed. Now I’m digging her. How long will that last? I’m not entirely certain. But she does have really pretty hair.


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