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Totally my jam: Banana Republic x Trina Turk

June 6, 2012

L-A: So, we get press releases in the email. Sometimes we’re interested, but just can’t think of a way to use it on the blog. Or I forget to reply (bad habit of mine: thinking of how you’ll word a reply and that leading to you thinking you replied, when really, you didn’t hit reply at all). Other times, you just want to reply with this:

Do you even read the blog?

But sometimes, the press release hits a home run because we are totally buying what it’s selling and I email this basic sentiment to Ally (and I actually hit reply as opposed to composing emails in my head):


And that is one of those times.

As you may well be aware, Palm Springs is totally my jam. Everything about it is up my alley. If it weren’t for pesky immigration laws and needing to work legally to make enough to pay back my student loans, I probably would never come home. And the designer who most gets my feelings about Palm Springs is Trina Turk. Probably because, and I base this totally on a spread in Martha Stewart Living, she pretty much lives my dream life. My best second hand score is Trina Turk – best because it’s a ballin’ jacket and because I probably couldn’t afford it (or justify the cost to the husband) at full price. Which is why the Banana Republic collaboration with Trina Turk needs to be my summer jam. I mean look at this:

My life will totally look like this if I buy every single piece. I know it.

Okay, maybe my life won’t involve a pool. Or the Coachella Valley this summer. Or looking like Coco Rocha. But I am still on board with this because I can afford stuff that’s priced $45 – $185. So, starting Thursday, I will be coveting the following (and possibly driving to the mall to purchase the following. Or buying online):

All this needs is a cute cardigan and I'd be set for work in the summer.


I don't wear shorts, but I'd totally consider wearing these. The jacket? Want/need.


Possibly a bit short for me, but super cute. And long sleeves on a summer dress? Perfect for the A/C at work.


As an accessories junkie (I’ve had to put a moratorium on tote bags. It was getting worse than the nautical stripes), this is totally up my bag (quite literally):

so. cute.


Arm Party!! (and an adorbs cocktail ring).


And while my life won’t look like this if I buy everything:

I could still look good while making that face that says, “I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you over how cute my outfit is.”



2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 6, 2012 10:41 am

    That clutch is the thing dreams are made of. A trip to the mall is definitely in my future. Even if it’s just to stare longingly at the collection.

  2. June 8, 2012 11:16 am

    I love that clutch too! And I also love Coco Rocha – if only I looked like her in the clothes

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