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We’re taking a Benylin Day

May 30, 2012

L-A: So, and I’m not blaming Ally for this, we’re both sick. And this is sort of how our Tuesday looked:

She treated it by going to the doctor and getting her bangs did by Esther (they were practically next door to one another) and I gave in and went home to nap/work from home/not spread germs around the office. Because I don’t have time to let this get worse than it already is. Which means that instead of our usual thoughts and feelings on fashion and pop culture, we’re going to phone it in.


But to make it a slightly less half hearted attempt to phone it in, I’m going to go back into the archives for some of our (okay, my) favourite random style icons.

1. Lady Mary.

Bitch has it going on. Except for the dead Turk in her bed. That was unfortunate.


2. Lady Sybil

Rabblerouser AND style icon. Oh, and she is totally convinced by trousers. No wonder everyone loves Sybil best of all (except me. I like her a lot, but Mary is my home girl).


Like everyone else, we’ve left poor Lady Edith out. One of these days. Maybe. Or maybe we’ll just focus on her sister’s again (story of Lady Edith’s life!).


3. April Ludgate

I believe April was my first ever random style icon. She’s actually a practical style icon and she’s kind of Jill’s hero. Her bangs and use of cardigans are totally my jam.

B-T-Dubs: April’s jacket from the opening credits of Parks and Rec? Marc by Marc Jacobs and it is so many seasons ago you’d be one lucky bitch to score that on ebay or in a consignment shop. If you ever do, please tell us about it so we can be properly jealous.


4. All the way with Stephanie Kaye.

Yes, the 80s were hard y’all. And luckily for those of us who lived through them, there were no digital cameras of any kind. Aside from the occasional scanned photo that shows up on Facebook, no one needs to see that we somehow wore blue eye shadow, a scrunchie, a banana clip and a feather clip from the Ex. At the same time. However, we do give props to Stephanie Kaye for her mad steez and making the 80s work.


5. Our real life style icon because he’ll wear a bowtie with a gingham shirt.

This happened on the weekend and we did not properly address this:

It was Anthony’s birthday, y’all!


Happy belated birthday to our West Coast Bureau and first ever unpaid staffer! He deserves all the boxes of wine and golf claps and gifs ever. Which brings me to this:

Let the Year of Anthony begin!

Also, I really need that green sequin dress in my life.

Ally: So sick up in here. And the rain! The RAIN, people! As L-A mentioned, I did manage to get my hair did at lunch yesterday after spending some quality time in a rather smelly medical clinic (not my usual Dr office). Even with a sinus infection (again) Esther made me feel stylin’. El Jeffe even said I looked like Karen from Californication!

No bangs though. Repeat, I did not cut my bangs.


El Jeffe has a huge crush on Karen from Californication, which I support over his affinity for Maria Menounos – which is likely his way of getting back at me after I said Billy Bush was hot but I digress, so this is a huge compliment. So I was all set to head into work on this fine Wednesday with Karen-from-Californication hair (don’t tell me that’s not one of the major pluses of having your hair done, you don’t have to wash it for DAYS) and the sky decided to be a massive ass hat. So now I look like this:

Ok, it's not that bad, but still. I really need to be roommates with Esther so that she can do that round brush thing every morning. I'd make her coffee and shit.


And apparently my style icon posts don’t meet the mark (make the mark?), but I’m going to include my fave style icon post on Jeannie van der Hooven:

The show focuses on the world of Management Consulting (not sure how accurate it is, as I consult more in the communications field and generally don’t end up roofying clients you’d rather not bed (not condoning!)), and has characters that appear to be based on the Real Life of Charlie Sheen. My favourite has to be Jeannie van der Hooven (played by the lovely Kristen Bell), a driven, self-absorbed, insecure gorgeous blonde lady. Think Serena van der Woodsen with more brains/less boobs and better communication skills.



3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 30, 2012 8:46 am

    Poor yous! Have a Neocitran and sleep ’til Thursday.

    • la permalink*
      May 30, 2012 8:48 am

      I’m actually better, but sadly, wasn’t when it was time to write a post. Ally on the other hand needs all the neo-citran and naps.

      • allygarbs permalink
        May 30, 2012 10:31 am

        All the neo-citrans and naps in the WORLD.

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