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oops…we did it again: post, forgotten.

April 25, 2012

L-A: ummm…we forgot to write a post. So, here’s my desert spirit animal.

I totally missed seeing her. Probably because she doesn't look like Lindsay Lohan anymore.


I don’t actually get the whole spirit animal trend. I mean, I thought I did. And then I heard Blair Waldorf say it on Gossip Girl and figured if it’s happening there, then whatever it is, it’s over. I only declared mine today because I have a sore throat and Lindsay Lohan voice from a weekend of second hand smoking various things and yelling loudly.

I still promise to update you about what I saw at Coachella…but you’ll have to wait another day or so (emphasis on the “or so” as I’m headed to San Diego tomorrow). I can tell you one lesson I learned: there is nothing too ridiculous or too inappropriate for that place. Nothing. Also, the other lesson: Coachella is what I assume running a marathon is like. By the end of Saturday, I was sore, sweaty, tired and felt like puking. But I also felt like what I just did was all kinds of awesome. I think the final count of bands I watched was just shy of thirty. My legs still hurt and my brand new red TOMS are a dusty mess. While I never was in any danger of running a marathon, I certainly won’t now.

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