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Favourite Friday: April 13 (GASP!) Edition

April 13, 2012

Ally: If this was a short work week, I missed the memo. I’m exhausted and very much looking forward to my big 7am sleep-in tomorrow (I’m not being sarcastic, there is a big difference between 6am and 7am). Here are a few of our faves to kick-start your Friday.

1. 30 iconic fashion moments in film

A friend of mine posted this link on my Facebook page. It was the best 15 minutes of my Tuesday. Some choices are obvious (like Sex and the City/Devil Wears Prada/Almost Famous – although I’d disagree with including anything from the second movie), but others I had sort of forgotten about. How have we never referenced the beauty that is Foxy Brown?

I fondly recall these tops. From when I was 10 or something.


Or Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction?


And a whole post needs to be dedicated to Bonnie and Clyde…

Is it just me, or does that not look a whole lot like L-A. Minus the gun.


…although I think Jay Z and Beyonce. Cue the video!

Anyway, enjoy the link. And maybe pick up a couple of the flicks for the weekend.

2. Beyoncé has a TUMBLR!

In shocking news, it was L-A, not I, that was first alerted to the Beyoncé tumblr. Please set aside the appropriate amount of time to pour over these photos. They are so carefully selected that they deserve the right respect. Does this girl do anything wrong? Besides her last album that is?

I think this is one of my favourite photos of all time. I might frame this for my living room.


3. Hanging out with the Live at Five crew

Our pal Maria at Live at Five asked one of us to come on to talk about Instagram and the Facebook acquisition and walk viewers through how it is used. I gave it my best shot and maybe realized that I need to sit in front of a camera and talk more often in order to learn how to not suck. While I can easily aide others in prepping for an on-camera interview, once the light comes on my face I walk a fine line between resembling Hilary Duff attempting a dramatic film role and trying to be the second rate comic on-stage at the local watering hole on a Tuesday night. Room for improvement!

Here’s Maria and I trying out the 1977 filter:

The filter can't hide my "I've been up since 5am bags".

4. What’s more crappy than crappy?

Sometimes even I am embarrassed by the music I listen to. It’s rare, but it happens. Usually I embrace my horrendous taste by posting it publically on this blog and cheerfully rolling my chair into L-A’s cubicle to say the following:

Should I download Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”? Oh my gawd no I totally already did!

And then rolling my chair back into my cubicle and proceeding to blast Starships (video to come when it’s released!).

For the first time, I’m ashamed, but I don’t want to hide it from you. Friends? I’ve been listening to this shit. I bought this shit.

There is a reason I was not invited on the Coachella trip.

 L-A: Two things before I start in on favourites:

1. That video is the worst. The living worst. I mean it. It may be the worst yet. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure I mean it this time.

2. I’ve actually been thinking about a Bonnie costume for Halloween. Because it’s fun when your hair just fits costumes. And because I can’t do Margot Tennenbaum again this year.

Now for the favourites.

1. Coachella.

Enough said.

2. Although, if I were going to talk about Coachella, which I’m not (too much) because it makes Ally mad

Apparently I should know who the Black Keys are. I mean. I do. I just don’t know the music they make. And apparently my entire family does. Which led to this amusing conversation after I informed my brother that I was more excited about Explosions in the Sky.

I can’t help it. It gives me FNL feelings. Pretty much anything FNL related gives me feelings. Which is why a recent episode of New Girl made me super happy (which it generally does anyway. But this was extra happy):

3. Although, talking about Coachella has led to valuable life lessons

I mean, I know the site was sent to me to help with my fashion anxieties, but I think this is something we all need to remember. Every day.

I don’t know who you are Babe Walker, but I tempted to read your book if you’re giving out advice like this.

4. Enough about music festivals…more about All Girl Weezer Cover Bands.

Oh. My. God. You have no idea how much Sheezer is a favourite. This will almost make up for my amateur move of not going to see Weezer when they were rocking Halifax into a scandal. They are Rivers Cuomo approved and I am actually going to cut Jillfest Karaoke short to go see them.

Blue Album and Pinkerton only, bitches.

(I’m pretty sure Ally has disowned me on account of being too hipster for her).

5. Katie Holmes is letting herself go.

Oh Katie. I think it’s time for a scandal. Or a tabloid divorce. Or a movie. Or a Lifetime movie. Or anything to stop this from being a thing in your life.


It’s nice to see when someone with access to the Beckhams and all the money Scientology can provide looks worse than I do on a Saturday. It keeps things in perspective. Or something. Meanwhile, I totally want a grown up version of what Suri is wearing.

6. Your hipster jam of the week.

Something obscure and weird to make Ally roll her eyes hard? Like an all girl band singing about Jason Lee? Okay then!

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  1. April 13, 2012 9:31 am

    Sheezer totally made my day.

  2. April 13, 2012 2:06 pm

    Ally! Saw you on the news, you did a great job! I love turning on the television and seeing your face on there :)


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