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Favourite Friday: March 16 Edition

March 16, 2012

Ally: Happy Friday, Fresh Friends! Even though freezing rain is punching at my window while I am writing this, I’m still feeling like spring is coming. Maybe because we’re heading to Florida for vay-kay soon? Sure, it’s not Coachella (eff you, L-A), but there will be beaches and sundresses and over-sized sunglasses. Maybe there will even be braids?


Inspiration to not chop my hair off.


Does anyone do a braid like Lauren Conrad? This should be her next reality show venture, “Braiding with Lauren”. Someone can come up with a jazzier title, but I would completely tune in to each and every episode. She could have girl talk while braiding with Lo!

In terms of video montages, that is one of the best I have ever found. Man, I love that Pussycat Dolls song. I tried to get El Jeffe to use it as our wedding song. He threatened to take my ring back.

I’ve started a new board on Pinterest entitled, “What I  would wear if no one would judge me”. It’s fitting, as it includes items like this:

I love this? But imagine me leaving Bedford wearing this? Not unless the legs come with it.

The shirt is from Stone Cold Fox, a line I actually didn’t know about previously. This is shocking, as I love everything on their website.


Perfect outfit for gardening!


Plants are perfect for day-drinking snacks!


Another brand I’m finding (and loving!) often when researching “bo-ho” items on Pinterest is Planet Blue, (looks to be a music festival favourite).

Let's be clear, the shorts are hideous. The shirt I love.


This Mara Hoffman Flat Chiffon Top can be yours for $253! So, ok, slightly expensive.

I’m completely in love with this suede dress from the same line…

This could be L-A at Coachella! Being all, "Where's da wodka!"


Lastly, this look below is one of the best airport-travel-mode looks I have seen to date. I would imagine leather might not be too comfortable for longer flights (or flights with toddlers), but if I was a supermodel a la Rosie I suspect I would gladly pull it off…

I should mention that I also want the purse.

I know L-A has put some serious research time into finding a Crappy Pop Video for you this week. I thought I’d give you a second option. Here’s some Colbie Caillat…

Yes, all her songs are identical.

L-A: Is it Friday? For reals and for true? Because this has been one of those weeks where I keep thinking it’s the next day and then I have to check myself and deal with the day that it acutally is, so I feel like I’m in the middle of a Groundhog Day (mercifully, Andie MacDowell free).


1. My Computer

But only because it currently hates me. You try writing blog posts and looking for gifs of creepy dolls from Pretty Little Liars when your computer gives you the spinny rainbow wheel of death and script errors all over the joint. Sorry to get all techy-ish, but I spend a lot of time on this damn thing. I needs it to work.


1. Cash Mob at Love, Me

I mentioned it last week and I mention it again to say thank you. Thank you to Ben for organizing the event. Dude, I’m proud to be in your entourage. And thank you to everyone who came out and spent money. You have no idea what kind of a difference you made. The difference financially was amazing, but the real difference you made? You showed a store in this city that people care and they love to shop local.

I’m going to stop talking about this or else I’ll ugly cry again. But for reals y’all. It was amazing. Now keep on showing that love to Love, Me and all the other stores in our downtown. Don’t let this be a one day thing.

2. Coachella tickets

What up Coachella! I’m going to be there in 34 days! Now I have to start thinking about what to wear. Ally has already started sending me suggestions (see above) and so far we’ve decided that the best thing we can do is to create an Ally/L-A hybrid. Ally will dress the part and I’ll be there for the music.

3. It’s the Ides of March, beware already.

Okay, so it was yesterday. But I can’t help myself.  I love fake holidays.

Top three fake holidays are Ides of March, Pancake Day and Groundhog Day.

4. Who loves my arm party? Tiffany’s does.

Check it out y’all.

Awww yeah. That’s right. They retweeted my bitchin’ Wednesday arm party. Although, I imagine their reaction to it was something akin to that of the husband’s reaction when he saw it on instagram. Which was: “I was impressed and horrified at the same time.”

5. #HovaScotia

I really wish I had had the time to photoshop you something clever. But I’m still amused by the Jay Z shout out to Nova Scotia. A shout out that was followed by laughs (because no one expected a Nova Scotian at SXSW) and a “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” from Jay. Check out the 26:40 mark.

6. Your really crappy pop video of the week.

I’ve been watching Much lately and this song keeps popping up. I knew I’d do Ally proud by using it as our crappy pop video.

Even she couldn’t sit through that. I WIN! (well, almost. Becuase I got the song stuck in my head. So I totally LOSE there).



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