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Favourite Friday: January 20 Edition

January 20, 2012

Ally:Well we’re winding down on L-A’s Birthday Week, and as a last gift to her I’m giving her the day off from providing her Favourites so that she can enjoy her Thursday Birthday Evening. Yes, you’re stuck with me.

Un-Favourite of the Week

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

Not buying it.


I used to really like Kate Hudson. Now, I don’t know what changed for me. I guess I’m just tired of the same old, same old from her. I bought Katie Holmes for Ann Taylor, and I even bought Demi Moore for Ann Taylor. Not Kate Hudson. It’s just…meh.

There are a few things I do enjoy that I must share with you this week. The first one is something I think L-A would enjoy too. If we ever have a girls weekend, or even a girls afternoon, I hope we could enjoy one of these treats as highlighted on debutante clothing dot com

Vintage Resort Fashion!


Old school fashion books! Best enjoyed with a dirty martini I’d imagine.

Sticking on the vintage train, I’d like to own this bathing suit. Not the tattoo, just the bathing suit.

The Barbie inspired bathing suit. El Jeffe can play Ken-doll!


It’s gorgeous, and while it’s not entirely Toddler friendly (think pulling action), I imagine I could likely pull it off for our upcoming trip to Florida. Have I told you about our trip to Florida? We got a sweet deal! Previously all-inclusive packages down Mexico way brought the fancy, now…it’s airfare, two bedroom condos and a minivan wrapped into a holiday getaway that gets our mojo going. Sad? Perhaps. El Jeffe and I were both super stoked about the minivan. Sad? Definitely.

Maybe I can attempt to bring back the cool factor by showing you something else that turns me on. LA Weekly dot com highlighted some amazing photos by The Cobra Snake, the series is entitled Pretty Girls in Band T-Shirts. Quaint.This might be something you don’t know about me, and something I plan to share more about next week, but I love the 80’s rock band groupie look. Remember above re: the sad? This might be the icing on the white trash cake. I love Def Leppard, I love Poison, I love the hair. Most of all, I love the ripped band t-shirts.


I would seriously wear this.


Don’t you remember the Metallica shirt I purchased at Crafters a year or so back from Orphanage Clothing?I love that shirt. I currently also am living in my Kenny Rogers Tour shirt. How hipster ironic is that, Ryan Gosling?

Slightly different from this photo, but similar enough.


Now, I’m off to relax and watch Access Hollywood. I’ll leave you with the Crappy Pop Video of the Week.

It’s Rihanna, so of course I’m on board.

Enjoy the weekend!


P.S. I cannot believe I forgot to add Taylor Swift’s Cover Story in Vogue as one of my favourites!

Basically she needs to dress like this all the time. Even acceptable at "OH MY GOSH THANK JESUS I WON!" Awards Shows.



L-A: You know what? I’ll add a last minute, mid-morning addition to the favourites. Aside from sushi and cake (both of which I ate my weight in yesterday, my favourite things are thus:

1. Birthday

I fucking love them. I totally wore a tiara at work.

2. Saddle Shoes

They are in the effing mail. I can’t wait. In fact, I thought they arrive yesterday and I hightailed it to the postal outlet to pick them up. Arrived just before closing only to discover it was a TV. And I was kind of disappointed because it wasn’t shoes.  Serious first world, 1% type problems my friends. Except that I can’t be 1% because I don’t own a car and couldn’t get my new TV home.  Also, it’s the first time I’ve actually owned a new TV. All previous TVs were parental hand-me-downs. ANYWAY.  New shoes. And I’ll post a picture soon.

3. Ally and our unpaid staff.

Holy crap y’all. This is the biggest favourite. How much do I love Ally, Anthony, Jill, Mel and Krista? Words fail me.  If they hadn’t made me laugh with their birthday post, I think I might have cried at my desk.  And I’m firmly opposed to work cries. Best. Birthday. Week. Ever.  (Until next year. Every birthday week is the best).

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