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Ally’s favourite fall yet with denim shirts, motorcycle boots

October 17, 2011

Ally: Another amazing weekend in Halifax. When talking about the weather, as we’re known to do in Nova Scotia, eh(?), I’ve been commenting that this fall makes up for our craptastic summer. It really was a bad summer. What is ironic is that I felt I needed to pull out my fall clothes during July and now I’m constantly rummaging for a pair of shorts to wear on these 18 degree days.

Before I go further into this interesting weather/fashion analysis, a deep regret I’m having this Monday is that I missed the Turbine Fall Showcase. L-A was away for a wedding, and I got delayed on the South Shore visiting my husband’s lovely great-grandmother. From what we gather, the show was incredible. I’m hoping that Lisa will post some photos to her Facebook page so that we can fully understand what we should be wearing this fall/winter. I’m thinking a FPQT Field Trip to the Turbine flag ship at Bishop’s Landing might be in order. Since L-A works in the vicinity, and I’m downtown often for work, I’m sure that can be arranged.

Back to the unseasonably warm weather, I have to say, I’m loving the outfit options that this fall is bringing forward. I haven’t pulled out a sweater dress once! What have I been wearing? Well, my new grey skinny jeans from Banana Republic for one:

Yes. skinny jeans. I'm 33. It's not over yet.


These jeans are seriously my favourite fall item for When I Leave the House. For our Canadian readers (you know, since we’re an international sensation) you can order them online here. One thing I love about Banana Republic, in addition to their dressing room lighting, is that their sizes run small. Meaning, I walked out with jeans that were two sizes smaller than what I usually wear. Basically, I was in retail love.

The Banana is also offering up the best basic tee with a twist that I’ve found in months:

I now need it in purple...obviously.


I should state for the record that I am not being paid by The Banana to write about these items. I need to flag that since it may appear that L-A and I have sold our souls to anyone giving us free shoes. Like Ashton says, Don’t believe the hype! We’re still staying real, unless you see me pimping out Clark’s shoes (sorry, mom). You can unsubscribe to us then.

I bought two of these t-shirts. One in blue, and one in a cream colour. To dress down this skirt:

Still deciding what colour tights I need for


As you can tell, I laid down some serious cash at BR. C’mon, that skirt? It can take you from home office to um, my living room for after-work cocktails! Shit, I need to get out of the suburbs more.

These purchases were a solid buy. My day-to-day uniform is basically skinny jeans, nicely tailored t-shirt (although I’ve been known to wear t-shirts from Garage), and a blazer (which I need more of and have yet to find one as good as my BB Dakota purchase from Biscuit) and now my new motorcycle boots. The boots have become a bit of a joke in on my suburban street. I trotted out in the apres work the other day while taking Toddler G out for a bike ride. I didn’t fit in.

Kick. Ass.


Not only have I not worn a sweater dress, I have not yet worn tights. I have also not yet worn leggings out in public. This will come, I mean, it’s unavoidable. I am absolutely relishing in the weather until the brown slush arrives and I turn into a fashion recluse.

Happy Monday, peoples. If you’re day has started off poorly, have a look at Avril Lavigne crying. Should turn your day around:

I’m not sure there is another singer I despise more than Avril. That’s saying a lot.

P.S. I realize I forgot to talk about denim shirts. I love my denim shirt from H&M. A lot.

I also loved how Rihanna did denim on denim the other night on The X Factor (yes, of course I’m watching)

I'm on the fence about her habitual crotch grabbing, but this outfit I can handle.


Also, how cute is this kid?


L-A: I’m kind of surprised Ally hates Avril. I mean, it seems like the kind of pop crap she’d love. And, maybe some will call it teenage pop sensation blasphemy, but aren’t Avril and Taylor Swift a lot alike? I mean, a slightly angrier version with heavier eye makeup, but still….

They both did videos where they played mean girl/nerdy girl versions of themselves.

….blonde pop stars with guitars.

Moving on, I’m kind of in love with Ally’s sequined skirt. I wish I had a reason to own such a skirt/thought it would actually look good on me. And her question about tights totally answers my question about wearing nude shoes and tights: I think you could totally do that skirt with black tights and nude shoes. Hot. Yes? No? I don’t think I’m completely crazy on this one.

Also, after all my hunting for a cardigan last week and not finding one in time for the wedding? Didn’t actually need it. I ended up wearing the dress I thought would be too summery and made it work with my new-to-me white Trina Turk jacket. I also discovered that a fabric brooch is the best way to stop from getting red wine stains on a white jacket.  But seriously Nova Scotia? While I loved that I could wear a summer dress to an outdoor wedding next to the ocean in October, it’s a little weird that I’m able to do that. I should have been freezing my ass off.

Because I’m on day seven of a cold and because of the red wine, I’m kind of going to end it here. Which is a lackluster finish to Ally’s awesome start to the post. But I’ve got a bottle of Robitussin with my name on it. And I need to rest up so I can hit Halifax running in search of a black dress for the ICE Awards on Friday – because my black dress certainly isn’t going to zip up in time (the Weight Watchers is working, but it’s no miracle worker).

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  1. Claire permalink
    October 17, 2011 5:53 am

    I bought a gold, swirly-patterned, last-season’s-Mad-Men-collection skirt from BR (on super, super sale = yay). I’m okay for dressing it down (cream, brown or even blue turtleneck, cream or black slouch-necked t) – but how do you plan to dress yours up? (I’m traveling overseas next week and need to do that day-into-night thing).

    • allygarbs permalink
      October 17, 2011 9:25 am

      I’m thinking a really nice crisp white shirt would work, with some gold jewellery to accent. Also, BR had a beautiful sheer cream blouse (blouse? I’m aging myself) that I am kicking myself for not purchasing. May need to make a return trip. Let us know what you do!

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