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You had me at Romper

September 19, 2011

Ally: Remember last year when I purchased the amazing black romper? I love that romper. You’d think I’d love anything unitard like, however, this is not accurate. Let’s discuss the jumpsuit, ok?


Yah, um? Listen, maybe it’s because the Louis Vuitton black jumpsuit is being worn by Jessica Chastain, an actress who I just don’t understand. To me, she could be easily replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard. I see no difference. Sort of like when I look in the mirror and see Brooklyn Decker. Same/Same. Kidding.

Every time I see one of these outfits, it pains me to think of these bitches sitting for long periods of time. The awkward wrinkling, non?

The other reason I hate this trend? It’s so Kardashian.


I think we’ve talked before (many times) about how I love reality television. Hard. I can’t accept the Kardashians. Can. Not. Accept. The jumpsuit reeks of below par reality television actress with a below par sex tape.


I mean, even this one worn by Rosie-something-something-I don’t give a shit does nothing but predict the most horrible prospects of wrinkling after she sits for ten minutes (love the neckline though).

Am I wrong here? Discuss with me.

I do still adore the romper though. Even when Blake Lively is wearing one.


Moving on, I missed Favourite Friday last week. I know, it was devastating for everyone. I wish I could have added as I desperately loved the season finale of Big Brother. Yes! I told you I loved bad reality TV! The girl I loved -to-hate-but-now-am-obsessed-with took home the half a mill.

The girl is amazing. Her laugh. Amazing. Were you watching? Or were you coveting the jumpsuit?

 L-A: Okay, I’m actually phoning it in today. Because I was watching the Emmys last night and up later than planned (but hells yes! Friday Night Lights won some Emmys for Best Writing and Best Actor. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, my friends). But I’m going to have a bonus post for you tomorrow – I checked out the Oh Dina trunk show at Lady Luck on Saturday and it was delightful and I have some pictures to share.

Also, while I’ll never wear a romper or particularly like them, there are two things that have made me rethink the romp. And it’s not some Miss Celebrity Come-Lately. Nope. It was totally Ally pulling off the romper for last year’s Big Day Downtown.  The other was the adorable rompers by Vice & Versa at AFW this year:

p.s. I’m also confused by Jessica Chastain/Bryce Dallas Howard. I’d say they’re the same person, but I recently saw photos of them together at a Kate Spade event.

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  1. Becky permalink
    September 19, 2011 10:01 am

    Rompers can look great if you don’t commit the following fashion crimes while selecting one:

    1) Don’t buy a romper that is too tight in the buttocks. It will ride up and you’ll have an embarrassing camel-toe situation.
    2) Don’t buy a romper that is too short. When you bend over everyone will get an eyeful.
    3) Never wear a romper with knee-high, shiny black boots. Cowboy boots are ok if your romper is delicately patterned or denim.
    4) If you are going to wear your romper with high-heeled shoes you should have them on when you try on your perspective romper. Higher shoes change the drape and silhouette, and this can take your look from “cute and sassy” to “gross and trashy” in no time.
    5) If you see it on a Kardashian, it’s probably not a good plan. Don’t dress like a Kardashian.


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