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How Ally got her Groove Back

August 24, 2011

Ally: I’m going to be honest with you. Lately, I’ve been wondering what I could possibly be bringing to this site. That which we call a fashion blog. Many of you might have been asking that since our very first post. Fair game. More so recently, it has been ringing true.

With the sickness, the work and the general exhaustion I have been feeling more Miranda Hobbs circa early 2000s than Carrie Bradshaw. Let us all take a moment to thank Neighbourhood Bestie Melissa for helping Ally to get her groove back.

It was a rainy night in August, ok it was last night, that Mel took me to Mic Mac Mall. She arrived at the door dressed to the nines (yes, I’m that old) to pick me up. Cut to me wearing a Frenchys purchased pair of Gap jeans (actually quite nice) and a football jersey inspired Abercrombie long sleeve t-shirt. Hair (roots included) piled into a top-knot. Always classy, Mel decided I could still get into her car with the story that I was her cousin from Nebraska who had never set foot out of the corn fields.

As we wandered around The Mall (which I like to call it) I wasn’t feeling it. Not even in H&M even though I dropped some cash. Then, my friends, then… I walked into what can only be deemed Heaven on Earth. Halifax’s own BCBG  Max Azria. My savings account will never be the same.


The "Mandy" Kimono Dress


Neighbourhood Bestie Melissa liked this as well, but basically laid it out that I need to wear it like I own it cause this takes some balls to wear during the work week. Bring it.

I also purchased this lovely…


Practically speaking, I can wear this all year long. I mean c’mon paired with my (faux) leather leggings? Yes.

So, while these dresses were a financial investment. They were a whopping 60 % off, so I couldn’t really argue with fate. With that said, I still threw away the receipt (final sale) and Mel and I ripped off the price tags before departing back home to the suburbs. It might well be my savings account, but El Jeffe knows how to throw the guilt.

On my way out to the mall, I simply had to purchase these booties from Spring.


It literally took me two minutes to walk into the store, spot them, try them on and walk out with them in hand. I cannot wait to wear these. Maybe with my “Mandy” dress? Too much?

So, I’m now inspired wherever I go. Take today for example. I had to go to All About Eyewear in Bedford to get my glasses fixed (I walked out with a new pair, but it doesn’t count because my old pair was on warrenty! I’ve never been so excited about investing in warrenty before!) and I swear to you I was losing my mind over the eyewear selection. Fred (who you seriously have to see if you need a new pair of glasses) took the time to show me the most amazing new eyeglasses from Armani. I’ll save that for another post because work is calling. It’s worth a whole post on its very own.

I’m back, bitches. Speaking of Britney.

L-A: While Ally is getting her groove back, I’m spiraling into a total wardrobe funk. It’s feeling not quite summer, not quite fall and I’m feeling not quite jazzed about my wardrobe these days. I think I’m bored of my summer clothes and in need of a Fall refresher. Like, I need some new sweaters in my life or something. Which, to do that, I really ought to do a good clearing out of my clothes.

I think that’s part of where the funk is coming from: I’m not entirely sure what I have, I hate to part with some of it, but really? Am I wearing it all? Probably not. Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m totally not. But it’s just so hard to say good bye to clothes I once really loved and still think I might love again.

Maybe if I said good bye and freed up some valuable real estate in my closet, I’d be ready for that refresh. Anyone have any tips on how to say so long to stuff? (Also, I fear I may turn into a hoarder. And that would be a bad thing. I once saw an episode where they actually found a mummified cat in her living room. So, being a hoarder would be a bad thing).


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  1. August 24, 2011 2:32 am

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! I’m a monster at cleaning out the closet. The trick is to make it seem like you’re not actually getting rid of anything. 1) Do a clothes swap with your friends. Get cute free clothes + the nice feeling of other people taking your old crap. Anything left unclaimed gets donated to charity. 2) Pull out anything you haven’t worn in a year and hide it away somewhere. You probably won’t even notice this stuff is “gone,” and you have the option to rescue it if need be. If it’s all still there in 6 months, donate!

  2. August 24, 2011 9:06 am

    I find just watching ‘Hoarders’ usually inspires me to start throwing stuff away. Although I do still have hoarder tendencies and could probably benefit from someone cleaning out my closet as well.

    • la permalink*
      August 24, 2011 9:23 am

      On my list of things I’ll do when I win the lottery is hire a professional organizer to come clear out my life. Oh the things I will get rid of!

      Hoarders and How Clean is Your House always make me want to clean up. I should watch them more often.

  3. August 24, 2011 9:19 am

    I LOVE the “Mandy”, and my heart palpitates whenever I am near BCBG. Usually that’s on my way to Toys R Us to buy something very un-fun. I bet other stores weep from feelings of inadequacy by being near it. Their customer service is pretty great, too. I normally walk in there sporting my “mat leave uniform”- yoga gear with a bad ponytail – and make a bee-line for the sales rack. They never make me feel like I shouldn’t be in there, and are instead quick to point out the cutest sale finds. AND they let me linger in the change room to nurse the little dude, which basically feels like a fancy palace compared to the rest of the mall. Golf claps for BCBG all around!!

  4. August 24, 2011 10:07 am

    I love all the things you picked up, Ally!

    I was in H&M the other day and they have a bunch of their silky printed dresses on for 50% off. I bought three, figuring I can wear them now in the quasi-summer and then cover up with a cardigan or jacket, leggings, and boots through the fall.

    If you discover a trick for making room in your closet please share.

  5. August 25, 2011 12:27 am

    Ally, you mentioned new glasses so I just had to add this. An inexpensive and fun way I’ve found to spice things up is through cheapie glasses from They have tons of fun pairs of glasses – and a lot of them are only $6.95 (includes frames and lenses). Flat shipping rate of $10 regardless of how many pairs you buy. They have a nifty photo uploader to help you see how the glasses will look on you. And you can even add a tint for $5 extra if you want sunglasses.

    A coworker got me addicted after she ordered 6 pairs of glasses at once. I have an order coming any day now and I can’t wait.

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