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Oh Leo. Honey. No.

August 3, 2011

L-A: Well, I got a distraught email from vacationland this evening.

Leo and Blake are biking now??!! Why are they hurting my vacation??!! Sadly I actually like her outfit. I hate her.

Yes folks, this happened:

Smrtphones are only good when they bring you good news. Like news of glitter mini ponies. Or stream videos of Ryan Gosling. Not so good when they ruin your vacation with videos like this.

Anyway, she asked that I poll y’all for your thoughts on this.

On another note: that People magazine article where I found out about this said he’s about to go shoot the Great Gatsby in Australia. Why the hell are they shooting in Australia?!? Nothing against the country/continent that is Australia. It seems quite lovely and has produced some lovely people. It just seems like an expensive way to recreate Long Island in the 1920s. Why no love for Long Island?

p.s. I’m pretty excited for the Great Gatsby. Expect many a roaring 20s themed post when that jazz happens.

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