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AFW 2011 Recap

June 20, 2011

L-A: My busy week last week ended off on an awesome note with the Atlantic Fashion Week gala event. The designers sent some great stuff down the runway. So, let’s not spend a ton of time yammering about why it was awesome and get right to it:

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Jere Brooks

Jere Brooks kicked off the evening with some pretty and wearable dresses. The last dress was a big hit with the audience. And I’d maybe maim for that coat. I mean, seriously. I heart it so frigging much.

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Jade Nohels

 The cocktail dresses were full on awesome with great necklines. I mean, I love a good sheath dress, but it was the last dress – the one in polka dots – was crazy amazeballs. That dress was the day-to-night Barbie look I love – you can wear it to work and then out for drinks. And really, what more can you ask for in a dress.

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Cranky

These dresses by Pamela McInnis of CRANKY made me wish I lived somewhere summer existed. And they were totally dresses that both Ally and I could love. Which doesn’t happen often. But I mean, one look at this tut dress and you know Ally would be all over it:

SuTa was big, fun chunky jewellery in turqoises and corals. During the fashion market, it was a hit. And for girls who love their jewellery (even if I’m sometimes called an over-accessorizer), this is totally up your alley.

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Suta

I was really excited to see the collection by Vice & Versa – a collaboration between Veronica MacIsaac and Victoria Bouchard (you might remember her from the time she waxed Ally’s brows in the Haligonia offices). The two women have totally different styles – Veronica loves the 50s and early 60s (and McQueen) and Victoria loves the late 60s and 70s. I wondered how they’d mix the two together and I really enjoyed what they came up with. Plus, I figured Ally would be stoked to know that Victoria couldn’t put out a collection without at least one romper.

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Vice and Versa

Also, the logo includes an ampersand and an anchor in it. Which are pretty much two of my favourite things, so, total win for them.

Sebastian Couture wowed the crowd. It was completely and fantastically dramatic. It was hard not to be wowed by the hats and makeup alone.

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Sebastian Couture

Not that I’d actually know this, but my guess is that watching his stuff come down the runway was what I kind of imagine it would be like to see early McQueen come down a runway. I’ve seen his stuff at the Wearable Art show and love it every time.

In addition to Vice and Versa, Veronica had her own collection on the runway.

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Veronica MacIsaac

I loved the pencil skirts with the ruffles. She seems to be moving into some more dresses with celtic knots and they looked great. The grey dress with the fringe was a hit with the crowd. As always, her designs make me wish I had a family tartan. But since I made up my last name, I guess I could make up a family tartan while I’m at it. You know, the Steeleworthies of the Clan McFullofshit or something.

Closing the show was Kim Munson’s Orphanage.

Atlantic Fashion Week 2011 Orphanage

And seriously? Is there anything she can’t do with old clothes? She turned a pair of jeans into a great looking dress and same for men’s blazers. Some of the collection had a serious edge to it with the garters and the leather collars. It was was pretty amazing stuff. I ran into someone I know after the show and she was saying how much she loves Kim’s work – and it’s really no wonder that she does.

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  1. June 20, 2011 10:00 am

    I’m glad you got so many photos, there’s some great stuff there! I’m with you on the pieces by CRANKY, those dresses are adorable, and all kinds of what I love. Why was I not born in a climate that better suited my fashion tastes? I want to be all cute dresses, all the time!

    • L-A permalink*
      June 20, 2011 10:13 am

      My camera and I mostly got along for photos. There was more – but those pictures were useless (sigh).

      I was in love with the CRANKY pieces. I mean, adorable summer dresses? That is totally what I love. I think I need to move to a climate (preferably California) where I can actually where that kind of thing more often. Today is my first day breaking out the sundress and I’m so happy about it.

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