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Favourite Friday: Friday the (May) 13th Edition

May 13, 2011


Did you hear?

Raise your glass, bitches. We’re celebrating.

I know, that’s mean. But I imagine Bar Rafawhatever will be just fine.

Yes. She'll be fine.

So, needless to say one of my favourite things this Friday is single Leo. I’m married sure, but I can appreciate from afar. If El Jeffe gets a blog he can write about Blake Lively or whoever.

Turning to a new topic, I have a confession to make. I am a really bad friend. As mentioned in a previous post (I’m too lazy to look for it), we get free samples of things from time to time so that we can test them out and write about whether we yay or nay. One of these samples was a kit of Garnier eye rollers. I assured L-A that they would remain closed until we could test them over a few boxes of wine.

I lied.

Listen, in fairness, I’ve had a rough go. I’ve had many a sleepless night and my patience was put to the test when my husband turned to me in the car and noted his concern over my “deep and dark eye bags”. The fucking eye roller came out. Consider this your product test.


To be clear, we were sent four eye rollers, so there are still two remaining for L-A. Therefore, you will indeed get her thoughts on the “deep and dark bag” removal.

I have to say, I have tried many (and I mean many) a product to reduce the assness under my eyes. This one truly is tops. I’ve spent tons of money on under eye concealer, this quick fix goes on smoothly, you rub in gently with your finger and bam! You look like you’ve had at least four hours sleep. I say, “yay”. It’s a get it for me.

Anyway,  I’m writing this from Digby County. I drove down for a work-meeting, and am getting to stay with my parents overnight. Let me tell you, driving alone is good for the soul. Those of you with kids or annoying partners will understand this sentiment. I blasted country the whole way and could have cried tears of joy over the excitement of it all. You may wonder where I am going with this, well obviously it’s the crap video of the week. Which I screamed on repeat from Windsor to Middleton.

Fine, it’s not a video. Suck it up, princess.

L-A: I’ve only got a couple of random things this week because I went out for wine and looking at pretty jewelery. Like a bracelet I totally want to buy:

I didn’t actually mean to leave my credit card at home, but I believe it was for the best. Whoever thought of mixing wine and selling jewelery is kind of a genius.

Now on to my other favourites of the week.  Despite wanting to be all sunshine and lollipops this week, I can’t. Why? Because of this:

Clearly, not a favourite. And totally the inspiration for all of next week's posts.

Want to know what’s sad? Friday is going to be the best weather we’ve had in weeks. It’s going to be one of the few days I don’t have to wear Gore-Tex and carry an umbrella. If I thought it would help, I’d throw a temper tantrum. Not even a single Leo is making this weather feel any better. I might feel a bit better if this happened for real:

don't pretend you don't secretly want this to happen. well, minus the boat, killer iceberg, period costumes and gaudy jewelery.

Speaking of epic romances. Judging by how this went viral among my own facebook friends in a matter of minutes, I’m guessing you’ve all seen this and love it:

Best "who wore it better" EVER.

That may be the best part of my week. I loved the royal wedding. I love Disney’s Cinderella (and I don’t really like animated  anything). I loved the minor princesses. This was just a perfect storm of awesome in a week full of unawesome stormy weather. The only thing I argue with on this is I don’t think the minor princesses are ugly stepsisters at all (p.s. Beatrice totally looks like a young Queen Victoria).

[disclaimer: I totally knew it was photoshopped by the time I posted this. I didn’t know right away, but the colours didn’t sit right, so I had to google. This Needs to Stop explains it all.  Nevertheless…I thought it was cute. And it teaches us all a valuable lesson about photoshop and believing things on the interwebs. The More You Know.]

Final favourites of the week: one of my TV shows has been renewed, meaning I can plan on devoting a post to the style of the adorable Mae Whitman’s character:

Suck it Rory Gilmore, Lorelei's new fictional daughter is even more adorable than you.

And last, but certainly not least, I have been having dance parties in my head while working to this song. If I wasn’t in a cubicle that everyone could see, I would totally have a dance party at my desk. But as they can see me and as I am a horrible dancer, dance parties in my imagination are all that’s happening.

You can thank Glee for reminding me how much I enjoy this song.

hello, gorgeous.

p.s. if you need some shopping plans for the weekend, may we suggest some events at Love, Me and Boutique Joliette?

4 Comments leave one →
    • L-A permalink*
      May 13, 2011 8:12 am

      My initial excitement over the photo was tempered when I looked at it a little longer. It was the step sister’s dresses that gave me pause – the blue I could have believed, but I couldn’t remember there being any beige. And Cinderella’s hair colour was off.

      • Catherine permalink
        May 14, 2011 3:16 am

        For me it was actually the blue that threw it off. The stepsister’s blue dress is so horrible recoloured that I knew it was…well, recoloured (look at her choker, it’s like a blue rectangle haha).

        • L-A permalink*
          May 16, 2011 8:49 am

          You’re right about that choker – it looks more like a loose dog collar.

          It’s not a particularly good photoshopping job, that’s for certain.

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