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Day-to-night L-A

April 13, 2011
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L-A: I’ll apologize now for today’s post. Ally has a lung infection and I’m also suffering from the plague that’s been circulating around PR skool.  So, I’m struggling to remain upright and not go pass out with some Jane Austen movies to keep me company. Actually, the federal election debate is keeping me from some quality time with this fellow:

I think Intern Krista will agree: Jonny Lee Miller, you are now an Official Pretend Boyfriend


I might have to stick the DVD in the laptop and take him to bed. (Apparently, critics didn’t like this version of Emma. I think those critics can go to hell).

Moving on, I’ve got a thing coming up on Thursday. It’s called Portfolio Night (or, Portfolio Nuit, if you want to sound klassy), where I get to show off some of my work from the past year and do some networking. My husband has taken to calling it my PR debut.

As much as I’d love to wear a tiara and gown out for cocktails, let’s face it, this shindig is a little less this:

and a little more this:

(seriously, any excuse to break out video from The OC and Barbie ads from the 80s).

But I do have a point. The event forced me to try to remember how to dress for an après work event. You know (partly because I’ve talked about this before), the outfit you can wear all day at the office and then out to a reception and still look pretty good. A challenge as I’ve spent much of the past year in jeans.

I can’t find a picture of the dress I’ve settled on, but I went for a printed sheath dress (actually, check out Tuesday of this Closet Chronicles post – it’s the dress I bought).  My only trouble now is shoes and whether I can pull off a cardigan.  Is the cardigan too workish? And are nude shoes too daytime? I really need to get myself some closed toe black heels (how long have I been saying this? years?).

How do you working girls do it? Any advice?

In other news, I’ve sent Ally on a mission to find this Joe Fresh number for me:

They only have it in green at my nearest Joe Fresh, which isn’t quite right or quite nautical enougb. So I’ve asked her to look for it at her store. If she finds it, I’ve promised to buy leggings to wear with it. Yes. Me in leggings. They’d be the first pair of leggings I’ve owned since junior high. She liked that challenge. (p.s. if you’ve seen this dress in a large at your local Joe Fresh, let me know. Because I’ll hit up any Joe Fresh in HRM, so long as it’s on a major bus route).

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  1. April 13, 2011 9:22 am

    I HAD that Barbie!!

    • L-A permalink*
      April 13, 2011 9:24 am

      I can’t remember if I had her, or if my cousins did (our collections were often mixed), but she was a definite favourite. Second only to Peaches and Cream Barbie. I kind of want a sequin top to wear under a blazer and a skirt that turns into a tutu, for reals.

  2. April 13, 2011 9:53 am

    Ahh the PR Debut… (my man friend also referred to it as my PR debut, or cotillion if you will…)

    I think the cardigan with belt totally works, and so do the nude shoes. According to the Town Shoes catalog that oh so sneakily landed in my mailbox yesterday, nude shoes are very “in” for spring (whatever that means).

    I think the outfit is totally appropriate. You don’t want to over-do it, but you are there to network and stuff and as such, should look professional or something.

    Or you know, wear black spandex leggings, a hot pink, blue and purple mini dress and some bitchin shoes and call it a night. (In my defense, it was my 25th birthday night as well as my PR debut….)

    Good luck!

    • L-A permalink*
      April 13, 2011 10:16 am

      I think the nude shoes (they’re wedges) will look good with the dress for work, but I’m wondering if I should do black heels for the debut. I’ve borrowed a pair for the evening, so we’ll see.

      If it were birthday AND debut, then I’d definitely break out the tiara.

    • allygarbs permalink*
      April 13, 2011 2:08 pm

      I have black spandex leggings she can borrow!!

      • L-A permalink*
        April 13, 2011 5:42 pm

        don’t jump the gun on the leggings yet! Not until I have nautical striped dresses will I get leggings. (also, I think your leggings will be too small for me).

  3. Ivy permalink
    April 13, 2011 10:05 am

    I fell in love with JLM in Trainspotting… I know, I may have problems.

    Good luck with your debut! I was almost a “judge” for this at the Mount but the event, which was also a contest, was postponed and then I had to bail.

    • L-A permalink*
      April 13, 2011 10:14 am

      How did I not realize he was Sick Boy? Totally didn’t make the connection. I’m right there with you though – I had a total crush on Sick Boy.

      Our contest portion has ended, so Thursday is just show off time.

  4. April 13, 2011 11:16 am

    Nude shoes are totally fine for evening. If you do go with the cardigan, maybe belt it with something sparkly for evening. I think no cardi for evening, though.

    Have fun!

    • L-A permalink*
      April 13, 2011 7:25 pm

      I think I’ll ditch the cardi…only because I don’t have enough sparkly things in my wardrobe. (note to self: get more sparkly things).

  5. April 13, 2011 6:40 pm

    I totes have this dress already! (I have a level of nautical-striped obsession that is maybe a small rung lower than yours)

    Unfortch, I got mine out here in Saskatoon. But I hope and trust you will find one in HRM. Another bonus of the dress? It’s not super-super short, but actually a proper dress-type length. So when you wear it with leggings, people won’t shout, “Where are your pants?!”

    • L-A permalink*
      April 13, 2011 7:00 pm

      my obsession with stripes is slightly ridiculous. Possibly dating back to when I would get crushes on grungey skateboarder types in the 90s if they wore stripes. Fortunately, the obsession graduated from that to the nautical.

      I figure the dress will be a good starter dress for me and leggings. I’m not quite ready for the “where are your pants” look (oh, let’s face it, that’ll never happen).

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