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The Workout Pant and Such

April 4, 2011

Ally: It’s been quite busy up in here these days. So on Saturday when I was able to kick back and relax with Star magazine (husband took the little one for a drive since he was refusing to nap…judge my parenting all you want, that kid was going to nap no matter what measures needed to be implemented), I eagerly soaked in all the trite gossip I could.

One item that raised my ungroomed eyebrow (I need a spa day stat), was the story of Renee Zellweger standing at Sandra Bullock’s doorway to confront her about alleged cheating ways with Bradley Cooper. Oh, Renee…no, honey. No.

Source (Got the photo from US magazine site which, to be fair, is what I usually select over Star anyhow)

So, the ridiculous story aside (I prefer to believe that Sandra was appalled at the story and invited Renee over to laugh about it whilst braiding eachother’s hair and downing tequila shots), can we discuss Renee’s obsession with her workout pants?!

At first I enjoyed them. Really! In fact, I found them so flattering that I purchased a similar pair at Zellers last Spring. Black, very slimming, great for the behind. I wore these for my daily mat leave walks with the little guy and, full disclosure, I often forgot to remove them if I was running to the grocery store or popping into a playgroup. So shoot me.

I am not, however (loving commas today), a Hollywood “star” with ridiculous clothing options available to me. You could argue that Renee doesn’t care about fashion, or wish to appear stylish. I would counter with this:

Source (Hilarious aside, I went searching for “Renee – Posing” and google directed me to one of our previous blog posts.)

There’s a reason why Lainey calls her snapface. Chick works hard on her posing styles.

So riddle me this, why the pants all the time?


Same sneakers too I believe. It’s weird, dudes. Weird.

Anyway. On the topic of workout pants. I just bought a new pair at Joe Fresh today. This is where I shop now. Joe Fresh. Exclusively. Since this winter the most exciting weekly outing I would have would be the Superstore on Saturday mornings for the family grocery trip. El Jeffe curses the day that the Bedford Superstore expanded it’s Joe Fresh section. He says I turn into a lunatic when we shop now. We used to have this solid shopping system, and each trip I now get completely sidetracked by the Joe.

I also bought the little guy the most adorable little fedora. He was wearing mine all the time (obsessed with it), so he’s stoked to have one of his own.

Completely off-topic, since that’s my thing, wtf is Blake Lively wearing at Comicon (is that what it is called?)

Are they seriously asking about her hair colour? Sweet Britney in a muffin pan. Apparently the “way she moves” is different as a brunette. Good to know.



Holy hot, batman.

L-A: I wish I had a lot to say on the subject of workout pants, but my usual reaction to the subject is a confused headtilt. Because workouts and me? We haven’t really been friends. We flirt from time to time, but we’ve never managed to get into any kind of meaningful relationship. For the times when I do have a brief affair with working out, I go for the Lulu:

I know. Yawn. They’re the Lulu pants that everyone and their dog owns. I have them in a crop version as well. But frankly, they’ve been the only pants I’ve bought for yoga and liked wearing. They fit well and I didn’t feel like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag when I wore them. I’ve been told Lulu pants aren’t so great these days, but it’s been years since I last bought a pair, so I can’t speak to that. Alls I know is they’re my faithful yoga pants and have lately joined me in a recent flirtation with running. (Although, they never join me for anything other than that. Yoga pants and I don’t go to the store together).

Running fashion is weird…and maybe a post for another day. Because it seems like there is a running fashion to be had. And then there’s you runners who don’t give a shit. You just wanna run.  I don’t understand either. I hate running. I do it because it’s free (well, sneakers. But no other costs). Which is why running fashion isn’t my bag. If I’m spending my money on clothes, it’s not on running clothes. Unless someone makes a cute nautical striped running shirt with three-quarter length sleeves and a boatneck. When that happens, we’ll definitely talk running fashion.

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  1. April 5, 2011 3:28 am

    I would like to add a comment here about the weird new workout/running miniskirts that Lululemon (and other places) are selling. When I see someone in a running “dress” or (god forbid) workout jeggings, it just seems like they’re thinking too much about their workout wear. Like, I want to look cute as much as anyone, but it’s just workout clothes. Seriously.

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