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Favourite Friday Edition: April 1 – Birthday Weekend!

April 1, 2011

Ally: It be our birthday this weekend. Yes! April 3, we turn two. I know. We look so much younger.

This brings me to the Crappy Video of the Week.

Man, that is so awesomely crappy.

We’ll be having our birthday party again this year, likely in May when things (hopefully) slow down a bit for us. L-A will (hopefully) be graduating!

“Donna Martin Graduates!”

Birthday present you ask?

I’ll have to think about that. Tonight I have a mountain of work in front of me. Apologies for being absent from the blog this week, but talking about Sienna Miller doesn’t pay the bills (sadly).

Any ideas for our party btw?

L-A: Actually, I regret to inform you that we’ve decided we’re too busy to continue blogging. Our post on our second blogiversary will be our last.

Okay, that’s the closest I come to an April Fool’s joke. I really suck at those. Pranks aren’t my style of humour. I can’t keep a straight face for the follow through and I hate the discomfort of being pranked. Or is it prank’d?

Anyway, my favourite things lately are not so much the arrival of spring (because I don’t really believe in spring), but the arrival of weather that is not completely shitty and allows me to wear shoes again.  I’m easing into it with beat up black ballet flats, but I’m successfully weaning myself off of my dependence on boots. And it feels really good. I can’t wait to go without socks.

Since Fridays are a mixed bag, I will use this time to mention an upcoming favourite. For all y’all who are planning weddings (and maybe proms?), Boutique Joliette is bringing you and event with locally made accessories. Which is awesome.

Also a favourite? The knowledge that classes end in four weeks and some of my time will magically free up. Time that can be spent planning a party for us. And by “us”, I don’t just mean Ally and I. Although she and I are long overdue for a night of boxed wine.

And when I graduate? I will totally hire a bunch of actors with hair as high as the waists on their shorts to chant “Donna Martin graduates” outside the Rebecca Cohn.

 Ally: Ok, I’m back. Wanted to add a Favourite thing for today. These notebooks from local artist Trudi Smith:

Love, Love, Love!


So hard to find cute notebooks that are big enough to bring to meetings and take decent notes. Trudi’s Double Happiness line has included such a notebook. The description on her Etsy page notes:

These handstitched notebooks measure 5″ x 8.25″ and have 18 pages – 16 white pages and two contrasting end pages. They have a soft cardstock cover, punched either with an image of a robin on a branch or an airplane, decorated with Chiyogami or a scrap of a vintage map. There is a little pocket on the front cover, and an elastic closure that holds it all together. They are the perfect book to pop in your bag or your pocket, jot down notes, draw, take on a trip, grocery shopping. mount photos and mementos – what ever you can think of!

When I get a moment today, I’m ordering a few. Chocolate brown perhaps? Ooh, maybe Papaya!

Enjoy today and the weekend, friends.

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  1. April 1, 2011 11:46 am

    Thanks so much for the shout out – and for your order! I am so glad you like the notebooks. I love the Papaya colour too – so on trend for this spring.



  2. April 3, 2011 3:20 pm

    Woo, happy birthday you guys!

  3. Ivy permalink
    April 4, 2011 10:11 am

    Happy birthday, ladies! Congratulations on two fab years.

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