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I miss my shoes

February 16, 2011

L-A: I know we whine about winter all the time. It’s what we do. Heck, it’s what everyone does. It’s like a national pastime or something…more than hockey.  I bet more of you complain about cold and snow than play or watch hockey.

It’s not the cold that’s really got me down today (although that isn’t helping). No, what’s got me down is my lack of shoe options.

It’s always snowy or slushy or salty outside and this is all I’ve been able to wear lately:

Not exactly the most stylish choices of footwear.  I mean, I love my practical boots on the days when I’m planning on wearing jeans, but what about on the days when I’ve got to dress up? Remember I mentioned I had interviews to go to? Well, neither of those pairs of boots exactly go with my dresses. I’ve got interview shoes. Cute shoes. Shoes that I love. Instead, the only thing I’ve got to wear with those dresses are these:

Cute enough, but not what I’m always in the mood to wear. Especially when they’re covered in salt by the time I get to where I’m going.  A friend pointed out that she does the lobby shoe change, but that means carrying my boots into an interview in a bag.  Not exactly the look I’m going for. Is the lobby change/bag-o-boots klassy with a K or totally acceptable? (oh how I long for an office with a desk to put shoes in!)

But even on the non-dress-up-interview days, I’m still tired of having only three pairs of shoes to choose from.  Even when I’m in a shoe rut and wearing the same pair all the time, at least it’s a choice.  That’s all I’m asking for. Which really means I’m asking for spring.

What was the groundhog’s verdict anyway? How many more weeks of boot-only weather do I have to endure? Because I just want to wear my cute shoes again.

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  1. M. Hennigar permalink
    February 16, 2011 9:28 am

    Carrying your shoes to work sucks just as much. I’ve been rocking my knee-high grey Hunter wellies with dress pants tucked in, I might add, for the past 2 months or so. I go everywhere with my hood up, lest I be recognized for committing such a horrible crime against fashion. And it totally sucks. And I want it to be spring. And I hate the snow. And I totally feel your pain.

  2. February 16, 2011 9:30 am

    The shoe issue is quite a dilemma for interviews. It’s easy when going to your own office since you have somewhere to keep your shoes, but I think I’d feel weird carrying a bag with my boots into my interview.

    I hope Spring comes early this year! Like you, I’m sick of both boots and salt stains on my boots.

  3. February 16, 2011 1:07 pm

    I actually thought of you guys this morning as I stomped to the office wearing my ugly 2005 Airwalk mukluks with my work shoes in stupid bag. Hate hate hate.

  4. February 16, 2011 1:25 pm

    I miss my shoes too! I live in Ottawa, where the lobby shoe change is a way of life. It is almost impossible to be fashionable in winter if you live in Ottawa! I parlayed the lobby shoe change idea into a shopping opportunity to buy a sleek ‘suitable for work’ tote bag to stash my boots for interviews. It is a bit of a production as you have to put your boots into a plastic bag and then into the tote bag, but if you can manage to discretely stash that tote under the table/desk…you’ll be good to go (and be wearing shoes).

  5. Ivy permalink
    February 16, 2011 6:04 pm

    I just dropped my leather boots off to be “winterized” at Moneysworth. They have major salt stains that I can’t get out. The guy there said, “I can get the stains out but there’s permanent damage.” Basically, they’re in palliative care now. I can’t even have nice winter boots around here…

    • L-A permalink*
      February 16, 2011 8:42 pm

      Oh no! This city is so cruel to boots.

      I think that if winter ever kills shoes belonging to a reader, we will hold a memorial in honour of the departed soles. (I’m not kidding)

      • Ivy permalink
        February 17, 2011 4:29 pm

        We could wear pretty dresses and fancy hats. Wait, we’d have to wear parkas and toques. Dammit!

  6. February 17, 2011 8:23 pm

    I’m likely a freak of nature for saying this, but I love winter. I could happily live in a land of perpetual snow. I’m that person that starts bouncing around like a crazy person at the sight of one measly little snowflake. That said, the one thing I do hate about winter is the shoes situation. I miss shoes, too. A lot. I feel like such a slob walking around in my stereotypical “college girl” sweater boots. (They were cheap, and they keep my feet warm and dry.) But I feel like a sloppy freshman. Admittedly, yes, I am still a student. But I’m 23, and I’d like to avoid looking like an 18 year old girl frolicking around campus in her pjs. So, in conclusion: I like winter. But I do not like its shoe limitations.

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