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Christmas Favourites: Anthony Edition

December 15, 2010

[We’ve decided that with the holidays being about a week and something days away, it’s time to give you our wish lists. You know, in case Santa has us in his feed reader. We’re going to start with Staffer Anthony, but we might expand to some of our interns and favourite local bloggers. Maybe Intern Krista, Ben, and Jill would like to share their wish lists with us. *cough*passiveaggressiveasks*cough* Anthony’s timing of this list is impeccable. I (L-A) have just spent the day staring at photoshop and InDesign until my eyes burned and threatened to bleed. I’m going back for more tomorrow. So, hooray! Anthony! Here’s the list…]

Anthony: I haven’t even posted a Favourite Friday article yet, but I figured since it is the holiday season, I could do a little wish list action just in case any of you generous people out there (in my immediate family *ahem*) want to surprise me with a little something something.

I never understood how repeating “something” made a sentence cooler, but I’ll just add it to the list of baffling things Will Smith has created.

Case in point...

Let me just say this from the get-go: I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas. I know, throw your stones, I’m prepared. Growing up of course, I loved the whole spectacle but eventually the routine and commitments started to wear on me; I only recently found out that I’m allowed to hang out with my friends on Christmas Eve. I like family time, I like visiting family friends, I love the social aspect of Christmas, but when I feel forced to do something, like say a family dinner, I rebel like a whinging child who’s in need of a reality check from a sassy British nanny. This, coupled with my general shopping mall anxiety, makes for a VERY cantankerous Anthony.

Not even gingerbread can cure me. Well…OK, maybe gingerbread.

I defy you to find a fault with this.


Every year, it’s the same question with my family,

“What do you want for Christmas?”

Apparently it’s crass to ask for a box full of money, so I try to itemize my desires which are usually liquor and t-shirts. It’s been ages since I’ve written a list – in fact my last Christmas list ever simply said: Nintendo 64. Feeling nostalgic, I’ve prepared this glimpse into my personal tastes for your pleasure. Be warned, they are beautiful.

1-      HATS. Obviously. My mom recently returned from a trip to visit the family in Ireland and brought back a killer scarf. Why mention the scarf? Well, she bought it instead of a tweed newsboy hat that she thought I wouldn’t approve of. I’d be sad, but my dad is spending the holidays in Ireland, returning in January, most likely with hat in tow.

How do they bring the happy every time?

2-      Plaid button downs. I can already hear the “But you hate hipsters!” backlash. Just to recap: I don’t hate hipsters, just people who prostitute the hipster aesthetic to get noticed. I can say without faux humility that I look great in plaid. Yes, plaid and hats are my bread and butter.

It's survival of the hippest and the sickly thin will win the battle.

3-      Liquor. No surprises here. I’m going to sound like a problem drinker but I really just love having a fully stocked liquor cabinet. In addition to that, I LOVE mixing cocktails. Growing up in Boston, my dad was a musician so I’ve never been a stranger to the art of mixology. Also, you may recognize me from my many years of service as your friendly neighbourhood NSLC cashier and product expert. My preferred weapon of choice? Vodka, with rum coming a very close second.

THIS is what fuels my tweets.

4-      MacBook Air. It’s so slim. It’s so sexy. It’s so full of café caché that I don’t so much want one as need one. Do you want me to keep writing on this under a year old HP laptop that has never given me an ounce of trouble and runs perfectly fine? I didn’t think so.

5- I can’t narrow this one down because I would be thrilled with anything from Uncrate. The best thing about this website? They put together shopping guides for the fashionable-techie-yet-hard-to-buy-for guy in your life! I like their Gadget Guru Gift Guide.

While all of these things would be totally awesome to have in possession, all I really want for Christmas is an entire week devoted to going out for drinks with friends followed by manic, sexualized dancing. I know that doesn’t sound like it differs from my normal weekends but it’s more fun when my friends don’t have to work the next day. Happy Holidays friends – if you want to celebrate with me, you’ll find me at a bar.

Nothing says "Holiday" like a martini induced chair dance.

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