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I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now…

November 24, 2010

Ally: It’s hard to accept that the above song used to be one of my favourites on the ol’ ipod. Mortifying. Not sure why I am making you sit through it, this could be considered an overshare.

Wish is the theme of our Wednesday post today, and brings us to this little picky-poo:

The hot is just blowing up my screen.

Yes, L-A and I were asked to take part in Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s fantastic new holiday campaign. The premise is written in the ad above, but if you’re too enamoured with the awesomeness that is myself and L-A, I’ll spell it out for you:

Visit any of the shops or restaurants of Downtown Halifax and take a picture of something that you’d really like for the holidays. Upload your photo for your chance to win it. Starting November 22, we will make over 20 wishes come true. Random draws will award winners with up to $200 towards purchasing their wish list item.

Amazing, right?

The photo shoot took place at Foreign Affair on Barrington Street (you need to check out their current selection, I could have stayed their for hours). My wish is to own the ostrich feather skirt seen in the above photo. It’s a Robert Rodriguez and was worn by the incredible Whitney Port (Hilary Clinton may be your idol, Whitney is one of mine. Shove it.)


Personally, I think she needed patterned tights. Just sayin’.

I also got to wear a crop leather jacket and a really cute silk pink tank-top (not seen). The topper? Incredible massive earrings from my favourite local jewellery designer Moda by Ozlem. I admit to feeling a little like the asshole kid who ate all the cookies out of the cookie jar when L-A walked through the door. Due to her school schedule (which is sort of important for jobs and things), she was a few minutes late. I arrived 5 minutes early which gave me time to race around the store picking out items I wanted to wear in the shoot (this is after telling L-A, “Hey, let’s wear cocktail dresses for the shoot! We’ll totally look great!). She arrived to find me sitting on Santa’s lap, emoting “glee” while outfitted like any good Sienna Miller wannabee. She got over it as soon as she was able to grab an incredible cardigan and gold necklace (which I’ll let her describe).

L-A: I’m not going to mock Ally’s video. But that’s only because she admits shame. And because this is my go to video about wishes:

yeeeaahhh…who’s a geek stuck in the mid-90s? But that’s okay, because someone out in YouTubeLand made a mashup just for us. It’s like they knew we’d need those two songs mushed together someday!

Part of the reason I was late was because I had to change into a cocktail dress in a school washroom and then get a bus from Dartmouth. But hey! You can hardly tell that I did my make-up while on the number 63.

When I saw Ally looking all cute on Santa’s knee, my thoughts were, “fantastic skirt! It was made for Ally!” followed by “no one told me I could wear clothes from Foreign Affair!” Ah well, such is life. I did get to wear that adorable cardigan full of shiny bits and baubles. Check it out:

My DVF dress (which has maybe gotten a bit too much airtime…I need a new Fabulous Dress) needed a pick-me-up and that Nougat sweater did the trick nicely. (Lessons learned: show up at a photo shoot before or with Ally. Never after.  Also: do not trust metro transit to get you from Dartmouth to downtown Halifax in time).

If I were going to submit a wish to the elves at Downtown Halifax, I think it might be for that cardigan + another pair of jeans from Foreign Affair on Barrington. I need another pair before I wear out my CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans that I am in love with.  I think that cardigan and new jeans would be perfect for a casual holiday party, n’est pas?

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  1. rawlsy permalink
    November 24, 2010 9:29 am

    O, sparklefaces, why aren’t you sharing your thousand wishes with your readers? (Better to give than to etc. etc.?)

    Please give us some much wished-for styling advice so I may pass the wishlist forward.


    PS: Many claps!

  2. Red Nose permalink
    November 24, 2010 6:28 pm

    SOOOOOO Excited to see this campaign and LOVE the Ostrich skirt REALLY – it so reminds me of the pink vintage SJP halter with the arm band — SOOOO MUCH AWESOMENESS IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE

    Rudy from Operation Red Nose ;)

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