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Turbine Showcase 2010: Night out in Downtown Halifax

October 26, 2010

Ally: Ladies and gents, it’s fashionable event time. An evening where L-A and I will attempt to look the part of fashion bloggers and step out in style. The reason? Turbine’s Showcase 2010.

Who’s with us? I mean, c’mon. Need a reminder of how we like to party?

I can’t promise that there will be boxes of wine. I think Lisa might be classier than that. Who knows though, she might enjoy her spirits from a cardboard box. I sure do.

Here are the dets:

Who: Lisa Drader-Murphy, Turbine designer extrodinaire will be presenting 350 new pieces (collections of fall fashion, jewellery and leather handbags) at an event hosted by Herald Columnist and all-round awesome lady, Eva Hoare and the stunning, witty Herald party man, Jeremy Webb.

What: Gorgeous designs, fabulous people and all for a good cause.

Where: The historic St. Patrick’s Church in Halifax, NS

When: Friday, November 5 at 7pm (ending at 10pm for those of you who are perpetually tired a la moi)

Why: Um, hello? We’ll be there. If that’s not a good enough reason (and fair enough), you’ll be able to take part in an incredible evening celebrating fashion in support of some worthy organizations such as Amanda’s Gift. In addition, you’ll get to hear music from The Caravan and Ryan MacGrath

How: Tickets may be purchased in person at the Turbine Boutique at 1475 Lower Water Street at Bishop’s Landing, by calling 902.429.0986, or by emailing Julie at  
This event sold out early last year, so you need to get off your lululemons and buy, buy, buy.

Yes, it’s a chance to get out of the house, which happens rarely these days. It’s also a chance to hang out with my girl, L-A and sit back and enjoy fantastic fashion in a room full of awesome people. To further provide incentive to attend this night out, how about we get a group together and meet for a drink beforehand. Mingle with the “stars” from Canadian Living’s Top Blog list. I say that with sarcasm. A lot of it. Let us know if you’re coming with, and what you will be wearing. Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll be seeing from Turbine that night:

Really want to see the fabric of this dress up close. Love the side bow. When have I not loved a side bow?

PHOTO: Colin DeWolfe
MODEL: Kelsey Andrews
HAIR: Solo
MUA: Victoria Bouchard

The ideal Christmas cocktail party outfit. Pose included. "Why..yes..I could use more wine!"

PHOTO: Colin DeWolfe
MODEL: Kelsey Andrews
HAIR: Solo
MUA: Victoria Bouchard

I'm pretty sure Sienna would wear this. Just sayin'

PHOTO: Colin DeWolfe
MODEL: Sarah Murphy
HAIR: Solo
MUA: Victoria Bouchard

In short, we’re stoked. I rarely get to hang out with L-A, heck, I rarely make it out of the suburbs due to general work/motherhood related exhaustion, so this is going to be a great time. Also, I’m really looking forward to becoming more familiar with Turbine’s designs. Lisa is pretty much the matriarch of NS Fashion, like Carmela on The Sopranos! But better dressed with less agression! Sniff, sniff…what’s that? sniff…I smell a Cheesy YouTube Montage:

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