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Menswear: MSGM F/W 2010

October 13, 2010

Ally: So, L-A has just returned from vacation, meaning I am responsible for today’s post. What do I do? Yes, I turn to a guest blogger. Today we hear from Anthony on all things menswear. Yay! I love him more than Britney Spears right now. Ok, that’s a lie. I love Britney more. Still, he’s a close third (to Sienna…she comes in second…and maybe Nicole comes in third…whatevs…he rocks).

Anthony: OK, so we need to talk about menswear. I think I’ve finally figured out why men’s fashion can be intimidating to a lot of guys: some of it is bloody ridiculous. Fashion forward or simple in solids, gay or straight, I think all men just want to look nice and feel confident in their clothing choices.

While I was surfing for new looks from designers around the world I was linked to a new-for-me website, Stylized as This/Hearts/On/Fire, I lost a good two hours of productivity searching for new inspiration from around the world in their extensive collection of lookbook pictures. I saw things that made me cringe, made me drool and made cock my head to one side and think, “How…exactly does one…wear this”? [editor’s note: this is called a head tilt.]

After overdosing on ambiguously handsome models, I took stock of what I had viewed and realized that for the most part, I would NEVER wear some of the looks pictured. OK, that’s a lie – I’ll wear nearly anything, but wearing it comfortably is where the challenge lies.

Thus begins my series of menswear critiques: enjoy and brace yourselves.

MSGM Fall/Winter 2010 (Italy)

To quote the writers at This/Hearts/On/Fire, “All of the items are made in Italy, but without the insanely high ‘Made In Italy’ prices that we have come to expect”.

I would definitely file MSGM under a “For Sure” column. Guys, if you’re looking for a fashion forward wardrobe without looking like you were gang banged by a troupe of out of work L.A. stylists, this is where you should find your inspiration. The basic pieces are solid and do exactly what a basic should in a man’s wardrobe: go with everything.


L-R: Your basic long sleeve tee dressed with a jacket, a cardigan and a plaid coat. This is it, y'all.


MSGM crew necks and button down shirts can be easily dressed up with one of their fantastic plaid trench coats but also pull off that “I’m so suave and so casual all at once” look that I’ve been trying to master for years. If your usual formal outfit is a shirt tucked into a sensible pant, look at MSGM and find a way to step up your game.

Staple Item: The Grey Jacket


I don't care if he's a rebel with several causes, I want that jacket.


Why: First off, it just looks hot. Most importantly, this is the kind of jacket that plays its casual cards first and formal ones close to the vest. If you paired this with a shirt and tie combo, you could easily pull off the required dress code as well as showcase your individuality – and that’s what it’s really all about.

Now, just because the design is Italian doesn’t mean it’s top quality fashion. I remember shopping in Florence thinking I was at the epicentre of style…until I returned across the pond and realized I just looked like Italian Club Trash. Ah well, all in a day. The whole point of this collection is to show that basics can be fashionable if you experiment with colour and fabrics, i.e. not all of your long sleeve tees need to be heather grey.

In our next episode, I discover a new designer who specializes in luxury cashmere creations. Oh yeah, it’s horrifying.

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