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Nautical Stripe Challenge Day 6: In which I step it up a notch

October 2, 2010

L-A: And when I say, “step it up a notch”, I mean “in which I get ridiculous.”

Today’s inspiration was sort of Coco Chanel. Let’s call it, “half-assed Coco Chanel, the early years”.  Here’s a photo of what I had in mind.

You know, wide-legged pants and mixing up the patterns. I had to recycle a few pieces from earlier in the week in order to make the outfit work. I had planned on a green boatneck from Zen Essentials, but it wasn’t working quite the way I needed it to. Anyway, here it is and it’s pretty ridiculous:

Am I hanging out at an Army/Navy Surplus? Why yes I am!

Actually, I lie. I was hanging out at Fred with J.Lau. Army/Navy Surplus is just down the block and we decided that it provided a good backdrop for the nautical stripe challenge.

I’m also lying about wearing that outfit all day. Because seriously? Do you know how humid it was out there? It is unseasonably warm in this city. Where is the crispy fall weather I love?

The jacket and scarf were only on for the photo. Had I tried to wear them around today, I would have been a sweaty mess and that wouldn’t look good at all.

But I can justify my lies.  According to the book I’m holding, Coco Chanel: The Legend and The Life by Justine Picardie,  Mademoiselle Chanel played fast and loose with the truth. (I’ll tell you more about the book later, once I read and review it for Edwards Book Club). If Coco can tell a few untruths, then so can I. Besides, even if it was only for a few minutes, I still wore that outift in public on a busy street and posed with a book. A few points for humiliation must be in order, non?

So here’s the outfit breakdown:

Nautical Stripes: Joe Fresh, as seen on Monday.

jeans: brand I can’t remember, but do remember purchasing them at Biscuit, as seen on Wednesday.

jacket: Penguin, belongs to J.Lau (I had originally borrowed it for the Heather’s challenge).

belt: Michael Kors.

scarf: Coach (my mommy loves me and buys me pretty scarves. She also got me a matching purse and umbrella).

jewellery: Tiffany’s key (best. Christmas. present. ever. And I thought the husband couldn’t top the year he got me my kick ass Kitchenaid mixer).

sandals: DVF (like I said, my mommy loves me. She is also a pro at outlet shopping).

sunglasses: Cole Haan

I will admit that I dropped the ball on this outfit. If I really was going to take inspiration from Coco Chanel, I would have worked a few strands of pearls into the outfit. I’ve got just the necklace to remedy that oversight. I promise I’ll bring it out tomorrow.

Ally: Ooh! I love this outfit! I’m really into the whole mixing patterns trend, and have wanted to put it to work lately. I’m glad you did it for me.

You look spectacular, and I agree that the humidity this week has not been a friend to anyone. So, you’re a trooper for wearing what seems like a ridiculously warm jacket.


Pose: +100 (I don’t know a better poser. Except maybe Lindsay Lohan)


Holding book of inspiration: +5

Adorable scarf: +2

So, I think that’s 107. I’m in a good mood today so you’re benefiting. I’m proud of you for keeping this up. I would accept nautical pajamas for tomorrow’s challenge. And no, I don’t expect you to leave your house for the photo. You’ve been a trooper.

In other news, I will accept L-A’s challenge to wear Jessica Simpson extensions. Only problem is I need red ones now. L-A, if you do some investigative work and find a salon that might put in extensions for a discounted price if they are featured on this incredible blog, I will doff them. We might even be able to get Haligonia to film it!

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  1. L-A permalink*
    October 2, 2010 9:44 am

    She makes ankle monitoring bracelets look good. I bet all the girls want one now.

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