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Nautical Stripe Challenge Day 2: The Chicken or the egg? Sienna or me?

September 28, 2010

L-A: Sorry, today’s photo is going to be lousy. After lugging my camera around all day, I didn’t get anyone to take a picture until I rolled into the house at around 10.30. It was a busy day at school and I had a meeting afterward. And it was one of those days when there was no waiting for buses or ferries (which would otherwise be the perfect time to grab a photo). However! The outfit was worn by me all day and it was not at all inspired by this:

I wore this outfit before Ally posted that pic of Sienna the other day. It was one of my summer staples and got me through many a muggy Halifax day.  Minus the jacket of course.

Whose outfit came first? Sienna’s or mine? While I could call it a “chicken or egg” scenario, it really isn’t. In all likelihood, her outfit came first and that inspired lower end stores where I shop to carry pieces like that and of course I put them together and thought I was being really original. See Prada, Devil Wears.

So, outfit rundown:

– jacket is Old Navy from about six years ago and is a bit on the big side. I was probably 10-20 pounds heavier at the time. I didn’t think about that until I put it on recently and realized just how big it was on me.

– nautical stripes, skirt and shoes are all Joe Fresh. There is also a Joe Fresh cardigan on under the jacket. Too much?

– belt is a ribbon belt and I believe it is Izod or something. My mom found it on super sale at Marshall’s a few years ago.

– scarf is from Egypt, a gift from my friend Joyce when she went there for Christmas in 2002.

– Earrings are Foreign Affair from my Big Day Downtown

Wearing that outfit with bare legs? That was a dumb idea. It wasn’t that warm out and it was freezing on campus. But I couldn’t think of tights that looked good with that skirt. I wanted to wear more than just jeans all week. I figured I should at least try and be creative with my outfits. Also, I should totally lose points for my half-assed pose in my living room. I’ll try harder tomorrow.

Ally: I’m hearing a lot of excuses. You’re sounding like Michael Bolton on Dancing with the has-beens. Remember when I was making excuses during my Dress like Carrie Challenge? Everyone made fun of me and told me to go hard or go home. While I sympathize with your long day, and your issue of whether or not to wear tights, I’m not feeling any “risk-taking” with this outfit. At all. It looks too normal. If we were judging on good outfits, I’d tell you that you hit it out of the ball park. But since we’re judging…wait…what am I judging? Oh, right. I’m making it up.

Awesome outfit: +5

Killer shoes: +5

Lack of “idiot looking” factor: -10


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  1. Jane permalink
    September 28, 2010 12:45 pm

    No points for mixing patterns? Scarf from Egypt and stripes? What about sporting more than one stripped “piece” at once – note the bag…
    I love this outfit, love the shoes.

    • allygarbs permalink*
      September 28, 2010 2:30 pm

      You’re too nice, Jane.

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