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Favourite Friday: September 24 Edition – Lessons in Productive Lunch Breaks

September 24, 2010

Ally: While a busy week, nothing compares to the last two weeks where I literally had to eat on the run. I’m looking forward to a weekend where I’m not bartering time to work on projects with my husband in between Baby G’s nap times. It will be pleasant to actually enjoy time with my best little buddy. I even found time to hit Winners this week.  Don’t tell El Jeffe, he feigns interest in this blog so I highly doubt he’ll tune in today. If he does….I love you very much sweetheart.

My favourite this week! My new shoes! I think even L-A would love these:

I don’t know how to turn this photo around [L-A edit: that’s okay! I somehow fixed it! I don’t know how, but I did!]. I took it with my iPhone as to not alert The Husband who was coming in and out of the room. I figured he would think something was up if I was prancing about with my digital camera. Although, I even think he would be ok with this purchase as they are what he would deem “practical shoes”, and for $29.99 they were basically GIVING them away.

Listen, stop complaining and just turn your laptop upside down to view. I’m doing my best here.

These are very good dancing-about shoes. I tested them out to the Crappy Pop Video of the week (which has totally grown on me).

Good friend and Reader Jane, a trained ballet dancer, taught me a cute little ballet jump when we were all of 13 years old (perhaps younger). I’ve been doing it ever since whenever I have a shitty day. Needless to say, the poor-ballet-dancing came out in full force this week. Now, Jane is actually a great dancer. Me? It looks sort of like this:

No jokes.

My quest for the perfect pair of skinny cargos is still on. I tried on several pairs in the last month, and…nothing. I fear I won’t find a pair before the season is out.

L-A: I apologize. I’m phoning this one in. I’ve got nothing. I’ve had a long week at school and I need to get to bed ASAP so that I make it to my 8:30 class.  Buses and ferries are serious business people.

Also, I can’t argue with Ally this week. And isn’t that part of Friday’s charm?  I love the shoes. I’d love them even if they weren’t so damn affordable. In fact, I would love a pair for myself. I bet you never thought that I’d want a pair of Ally’s shoes, did you?  I also like this week’s video. I enjoy that song, even though it causes husband to roll his eyes. It’s totally grown on me.  But don’t listen to Ally – she can cut a rug. Maybe not as a ballet dancer, but she can do a mean ass drop on the dance floor. Unlike myself. I really am the Elaine-style-dancer.

Oh, I did watch ANTM, but the episode was about as lackluster as their photo shoot (I will not use the word Dreckitude to describe anything). I hardly saw any hysterics during makeovers. (granted, I was trying to bake cookies and watch ANTM at the same time, so maybe I missed something).  What is the point of makeovers if 75% of the girls aren’t crying over their hair on the cutting room floor?? However! I liked that they sent Terra home for crying. Seriously. If other girls can get their teeth filed down to create a bigger gap (for reals! that is permanent shit!), then you can handle a hair cut. I’m working on further Anna Wintouring my bangs and that means some growing and cutting. As Hairdresser Krista and I were saying on Wednesday: the beauty of hair is that it always grows back (unless, of course, you have a medical condition). You can cut it, shave it, dye it, whatever, but it’ll always grow back. So suck it up and deal.

As for Sara? She really was forgettable. The Ferry Ladies (my classmates on my commute) couldn’t even remember her when I gave them the recap. I am sorry that they bleached her eyebrows. It looked awful. I might send her a letter recommending Lancôme’s eyebrow pencil. My pale eyebrows live for it.

See ya, ladies! You are already forgotten!

I’ve got to run to bed. I’ll try to be better next week – with both the blog and the Smoulder. Or maybe I’ll be better and getting guest posts up on the blog. I think Anthony has something up his sleeve for us.

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