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Favourite Friday: the heatwave and hurricane edition

September 3, 2010

L-A: sweetjesusinabreadbasket. It is hot. It caused M.Dubs to text me the following:

it is hotter than Dutch love in my house.

I don’t know exactly what that means, but I do know that it means hot. The rising heat is reminding me of when M and I lived in Ghana together. At least you expected the heat and humidity there. It was sub-Saharan West Africa. Of course it is hot! But this? This is far north of the Sahara. Usually, when I go to the beach around here, I dip my toes in and complain that they are numb. Tonight, I was swimming and enjoying every minute of it.  That means “warm” water people.

I am dying here. An email about shearling jackets this afternoon caused me to sweat just thinking about having anything fleece near my skin.

Chloe jacket: it's cute, but dear god! just the thought of it gives me heat stroke!


Of course, I am trying real hard not to complain about it (other than the above whine). Because I know this will all end soon enough. Hell, that warm water might just get us a Hurricane Earl this weekend (which, I don’t know, would be a little bit fun. I love a good storm).

Anyway, I’m trying to get through the day looking relatively cute and not a complete sweaty rumpled mess (which I was today).  Because, what I really want my summer weather wardrobe to look like is what you see on the girls towards the end of this video:

Instead it’s unravelling into this:

Seriously. I feel like a hot mess. And not the good Christian Siriano kind.

Not cool. Not even a little bit. (p.s. I don’t actually watch Big Brother, but I know enough about it that it’s my go-to place for questionable things).

Any suggestions? Is it even possible to look cute when it’s 35 degrees + humidity? Or do I just have to sweat it out until mid-September.  And seriously, suggestions welcome: because I’m going back to school on Tuesday and would like to have something cute to wear. (Remember when I was in a lousy mood the other day? Lousy mood banished!). Sweaty mess is not the way to make a good first impression.

Ally: Does wearing a blue, white and black zebra dress (Michael Kors!) with my flaming red hair = cougar status?

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